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    Smoked IRA Critique.....will this suck?

    So this is my first go at Beersmith and I was hopeing some of you more experienced guys could help out? I was hopeing to create something unique yet fairly easy to drink, I like smoked beers I have had so it became a smoked IRA and I added the Grains of paradise in for a peppery bite similar to...
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    Step mashing in an Igloo ?.....

    I want to do an Ommegang clone that involves a step mash. My question is if it possible to do in a simple 10 gal Igloo cooler. If so then how? I tried to use the search but it is way to broad of a question for it. TIA
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    Another regulator question.....

    This is my first attempt at kegging and have read as much as time allows. I have a new single keg regulator and a used Pepsi corny along with new hoses and fittings. My question is that I have my reg set to 30 psi for the last hrs and it will dip down a few psi after a few hours or so. I made...
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    Quick 1st AG questions.

    This past weekend I brewed BM's Cream of three crops. I used the same ingredients only I halved them from a ten to a five gallon batch and followed times and whatnot . My questions are- I tried a whirlfoc tablet for the first time, Do these always create so much crud floating on the top? It...
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    Should the band-aid brew be dumped?

    Well my raspberry red has the plastic flavor when I pulled my fg sample. It is in the secondary for the last two weeks, color looks good and it doesn't really stink at all maybe just a little plastic like and had some "natural carbonation to it. I had used a LD Carlson wash and Star San after...
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    Active yeasties in secondary?

    I have these little white clumps about the size of sweater fuzz balls rising to the top, sitfor a while and then fall back down. Some stay suspended and some float for a while too. My hyd. broke (4 yr old decided to play Star Wars w/ it.) the day I racked to the secondary. It sat in the...
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    Need help with infection questions.

    First and foremost I have Googled and searched this site high and low, and also have read what Palmer has to say about different types of infection. All results were vague, And quite frankly have not answered my question with a scientific fact. I was wondering if anyone has a link to a study...
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    O.K. I need critique .

    All right Guys and Gals with more experience than me, I need a critiquing on my first session of extract and grain kit brewing. The kit was a Midwest Raspberry Red Ale. 1. Used cleaner and then used Star San to sanitize all equipment. 2. Steeped grains in about 2 gal of spring water the...
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    Has anyone had there beer go Pro.

    I was curious if anyone has had there stuff sold at a bar or anything like that. My brother is buying a bar in a small town and who knows maybe some day if I am a good enough brewer this could be my ticket of opportunity. I realize laws are different from state to state and even town to town...
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    Bottle safety, Are there bad bottles to use?

    As in Macro Brewer bottles, Is there something a Home Brewer should look out for like a type of glass grade or coding on the bottle? I was just curious since I have been saving bottles for a while and do not want to use some that are not up too snuff for HB. I have allot of "pop top" style...
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    Midwests Supplies Rasberry Red Ale?

    Has anyone made this? I was curious if it has a real strong taste of raspberry. I tried a Leinenkugels Berryweiss and I thought it was a overbearing taste of boysenberry flavor. The Kit has 5 oz of raspberry extract and calls for 4-5 oz in the recipe. I am looking for a light hint of...
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    It's been a good week!

    I have been a the hospital since tuesday since we added our newest edition to the family. Also my kit arrived yesterday while we were gone. So now I got a new kid and a new kit. Things are pretty good now.:ban: :mug:
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    20 oz Pop bottles

    O.K., I am sure this has been asked a million times before.\ Has anyone tried using 20 oz pop bottles? Just curious if this is a viable option.
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    Corn syrup?

    This is probably a really stupid question, But would corn syrup work the same as corn sugar for bottling. I do not have a LHBS for 90 miles and instead of ordering DME would a clear corn syrup like Karo work?
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    Yessss.... I made beer!

    I just cracked open my first homebrew, And ta da. It's the Mr. Beer ( I know, I know) WCPA and I gotta say it's pretty good. Great carbing, Good tall head , Nice clarity and a good nose. I fermented for one week and bottled and let it rest for three weeks. All the others were bottled in one...