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    Homebrew at bachelor party (selling tickets)

    so I'm throwing a bachelor party for my best friend and he asked that I bring homebrew... I plan on bringing my kegerator and two kegs and having the taps open for whoever wants it in addition to a few cases of commercial beer. My question is, since I'm selling tickets to the party (as per...
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    Thermapen deal to good to be true?

    am I missing something here?? is this for real??
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    Saison fermentation temps

    I have a saison in primary for three days now. Using wyeast 3711. pitched at 75 with the intent to hold it there for a day before raising to 80, but temp fell to 68 for twelve hours due to my aquarium heater (in a swamp cooler setup) not working. I got it working and raised back to 75 for...
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    reusing yeast

    planning on doing back to back batches of the same style... I currently have a batch in primary (5 days) that I want to pull a sample (wyeast 3944) and make a starter for my next batch. any reason why not? also, should I just take a sample like I would for a hydro reading? or top crop (krausen...
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    One recipe gets poor efficiency??

    I normally get efficiencies in the 80's but the last two times I have brewed my wit recipe, I have gotten really poor efficiency. Trying to figure out what is going on. TIA This is a quick excerpt from my blog post today with the details... This recipe has failed me twice. I'm thinking it's...
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    hopriverales (my blog)

    Not sure on the etiquette for this, or if this is the wrong place to post this. I have been blogging my homebrew adventures and thought it might be helpful to people getting started or looking to jump to AG. I've been brewing for almost a year and a half so I still have plenty to learn, and...
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    Sudden drop in efficiency

    I have done AG for about a dozen batches now (single infusion, double batch sparge), and have had efficiencies in the 80's every time until my last batch. Recipe is a simple wit I have done several times but this time I tried to do extreme brewing's blood orange hefe with my wit recipe...
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    Hop particles in keg

    So I dry hopped an IPA with pellets (never do that again) and now have the beer carbed and chilled in the kegerator. Even with careful racking I am getting a lot of hop matter in every pour. I really don't care myself, but I plan on serving to non-homebrew drinkers at a x-mas party next weekend...
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    intro to sour beers?

    I'm feeling adventurous. I am sorta interested in trying some commercial examples of sour ales. can anyone recommend a good place to start?
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    What's the deal with brewing clubs?

    I searched but didn't find anything except people looking for local clubs in their area. I've been brewing about 10 months and I am starting to get curious about joining a club. There are a few local ones that I know of and my LHBS is unaffiliated. What are the pros/cons of being a member of...
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    What should I have on tap for a kegerator christening party?

    Planning a kegerator christening party with 2 kegs on tap and byob beyond that. I have a keg of Reno_Envy's Pumpkin ale carbing up. The pumpkin came out pretty big (1.081 OG) and pretty tasty. Trying to decide what I should have as the second keg for mass appeal. I would kinda like to have...
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    kegging a wit

    New to kegging, one of my frequent brews is a standard extract belgian wit using wyeast 3944. Up until now I have always bottled but I am in the process of building a kegerator and I am kegging my batches in anticipation. My problem is when I bottle my wit 3 times now the bottles are...
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    Super high efficiency?!?

    just did my second AG. 11.8 lbs german 2 row, 1.25qts/lb mash @ 154* 4 gallons batch sparge, 5.25 gallons post boil, I measured 1.069 at 73* going into the fermenter. According to Beercalculus that puts me at 90% efficiency!?! my first AG I calculated 80% I'm not complaining but it...
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    yeast for an IPA?

    second AG going for an IPA 5.5 gallon batch, 6.5 gallon boil, I got 80% eff my first AG 11 1/2lbs German Pilsner mash at 154* .75oz Magnum (60 min) .5oz Cascade (30 min) .5oz Cascade (15 min) 1oz Cascade (flame out) I had what I thought was wyeast 1028 london ale, which the LHBS...
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    Did I kill my yeast?

    I got all my ingredients from the LHBS on my way from my first job to my second last night. It was pretty warm out so I took the smack pack in with me and threw it in the mini-fridge at work. 5 hours later I go to leave, grab the yeast out of the fridge and the edges of the pack are crunchy...
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    should I mash my steeping grains?

    For my 4th batch I want to try and make a Blueberry Maple Wheat. my first three batches have been extract with steeping grains, and this recipe is the same. I noticed that it includes some base grains in the bill and my last 2 batches I was able to maintain my steeping temp (150) within 1 degree...
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    What size is my carboy?

    How high is 5 gallons in a 5 gallon carboy? I picked up what I thought was a 5 gallon carboy at a tag sale. After racking my first batch to secondary, it didn't look as full as I expected. Either the carboy is a bigger size than 5 gallons, or I took too many hydrometer samples while in...
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    What causes blowoffs?

    I just put my second batch in primary about 28 hours ago and I am trying to RDWHAHB but all these stories and photos have me nervous about explosive blowoffs. What factors contribute to overactive yeasties? certain styles, yeast strains? overpitching? warm temps? anything else? Basically...
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    1.020 stuck steam

    I searched, I promise. Most of the "stuck" threads I waded through just ended with the advice to check SG to confirm stuckness. My california common steam has been in primary and I think it is stuck. (OG 1.055, SafLager S-23, 58*-62* for 10 days, target 1.012) SG has been 1.020 for 4 days...
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    Lots of questions about my second batch...

    My first brew is coming out of primary soon and I am thinking about my next batch. My first batch is a california common steam beer. For my second, I am thinking of doing Papazian's Sparrow Hawk Porter. Papazian says SH Porter is similar to Anchor's Porter and calls for a lager yeast but...