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  1. Shoemaker

    Any way to speed up the brew day?

    It takes me, from heating up my sparge water, to cleaning out my keggle at the end, 7 hours to do a 10 gallon batch. I know I can do a few things to speed up the process (like getting a separate keggle and burner to heat my sparge water). What has helped speed up your process on brew day?
  2. Shoemaker

    i forgot to bottle my homebrew. 6 weeks into it. drink it? or dump it?

    6 weeks brewing is a long time. It usually takes me a few hours.
  3. Shoemaker

    Which hops for dry hopping pale ale?

    So you mean none of those aside from the Chinook? I'll just split the ounce of Chinook between the two carboys then....
  4. Shoemaker

    Which hops for dry hopping pale ale?

    And what would be your 2nd choice? I only have an ounce of Chinook and this is a 10 gallon batch....
  5. Shoemaker

    Which hops for dry hopping pale ale?

    I brewed the West Coast Pale ale from austinhomebrew. I have some extra hops lying around (Perle, Tettnang, Spalt, Fuggle, Hallertau, Chinook, Hersbrucker) and was wondering which one of these would be best for dry hopping a pale ale? I know the answers will be subjective, just wondering...
  6. Shoemaker

    Final gravity too high?

    8 days is too short of time. I've had beers drop to the proper gravity after 2 months in primary. Check it later.
  7. Shoemaker

    Beer Fg coming out high consistently.

    Also, when are you checking your beer? I have had issues with high FG as well since I have a cold house but I've found that if I keep my beer on the yeast longer, it eventually goes down. I brewed a 10 gallon batch of amber ale with dry yeast. The first 5 gallons, after a month on the yeast...
  8. Shoemaker

    Reusing yeast cake

    I have yeast in a growler from a previous 5 gallon batch (pale ale). Brewing a porter now and want to reuse this yeast. I poured the trub and yeast into the growler (wasn't that much hop residue). Should I pour all of the contents in evenly between my two 5 gallon batch of porter? I believe...
  9. Shoemaker

    How to remove this Diacetyl?

    So I swirled the yeast, waited a few days and I don't taste any improvement. In fact, it tastes worse. Now, I made a 10 gallon batch and my other 5 gallons of this batch actually tastes diacetyl. I'm about to lager it. Would it be a good idea to take some of the slurry from...
  10. Shoemaker

    How to remove this Diacetyl?

    Had an octoberfest fermenting at 55 degrees. Brought the temp up to room temp near the end of fermentation for a diacetyl test. I've just tasted the beer after 4 days and I taste butter. Should I leave the beer on the yeast cake at room temp for the taste to clear up or lager it? Is there any...
  11. Shoemaker

    Low Attenuation

    OK I overshot my OG today by 10 points. Looks like I'm going to have another sweet one. I mashed at 149. I added my mashout of 4 gallons at 190 degrees but it only raised the temp to 156. Since I didn't reach 170 in my mash out, did this contribute to my increased OG?
  12. Shoemaker

    Low Attenuation

    So let me get this straight, do you guys adjust mash temps based on styles? I brewing a pale ale now so a bit on the dry side would be good.
  13. Shoemaker

    Low Attenuation

    hmmm. I'm in the middle of a batch right now and will try it. Will I get proper conversion at 148?
  14. Shoemaker

    Low Attenuation

    I aerate pretty well. I pour the wort back and forth between the carboy and keggle then shake it for 10 mins. I pitch one packet per 5 gallons, hydrate it before I do.
  15. Shoemaker

    Low Attenuation

    I dough in usually around 173 degrees then stir until I reach 153. Takes bout 10 mins. Is this too hot to dough in at?
  16. Shoemaker

    Low Attenuation

    I've gotten low attenuation for a bunch of beers now. They taste good, but just a bit on the sweet side. I usually overshoot my OG gravity by a few points and my beers usually finish around 1.020. I've read other threads about this and how having a high mash temp can cause low attenuation...
  17. Shoemaker

    Oops too much Irish Moss?????

    haha homebrewing is like jazz.
  18. Shoemaker

    End of an era????

    Hey while we are on the topic, anyone know where I can buy dry yeast in bulk? Thanks
  19. Shoemaker

    End of an era????

    Many new brewers feel that they have to use liquid yeast for all their batches because it is "better." Dry yeast is actually just as good for ales as liquid. I only use liquid yeast with lagers.
  20. Shoemaker

    Help with lager schedule

    I would primary for 4 weeks and lager for the additional time. Its pushing it and it won't be perfect, but good enough.