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    wine as gifts too late to start??

    Times are a little tough this year. I am thinking of making some wine to give out as gifts. This would be my second batch. Is it possible if I started in the next day or two, would it be ready to bottle and give out by Christmas?
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    dry white wine??

    I have been asked to make some dry white wine. I have made wine once. It did turn out well. But I have no clue how to make a wine dry. Anyone have a recipe and tips to make it dry?
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    .380 pocket holster

    I am looking for a pocket holster for my Taurus tcp 738. I am looking at Anyone have this holster? Or can suggest anotherone? I need it to hide the outline, and not come out of my pocket...
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    grape juice not from concentrate wine

    I have a friend that lives in a area that does not have frozen grape juice concentrate. Which is what I use to make wine. Do you guys have a recipe just for regular grape juice, I can send him? thanks
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    well crap...

    On my 5 gallon hefe kit, some how I managed to end up with about 5.75 gallons total. How bad will that screw up my flavor and abv?:confused:
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    really Happy Holidays..

    Sorry just a short rant... wtf is going on with people saying Happy Holidays, it is the christmas season.... Let me guess th tree I am putting up is a holiday tree..... Hell no. it is a CHRISTMAS TREE!! damn it is getting on my nerves so bad... rant is now over for now..........
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    What stock pot size?

    What size do I need, for full mash? I would be doing 5 gal batches. thanks guys
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    please explain my og and fg

    I am trying to understand what sg and fg tells me. My first batch sg is 1.50 the fg is 1.10. So please explain what all that means. I used a kit if that matters. Oh just in case I have my terms mixed up...
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    bottling and dextrose

    I saw this video and it looked like a time saver. Is it ok to do it that way?
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    bottling time!

    Ok, so my first batch is ready to bottle. I have new bottles for it. Can I just soak the bottles in star san? Or do I need to do something else?
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    Can I reuse twist off bottles?

    I have read too many posts saying you can, and so many saying you can not. So can I or not? Thanks guys!!!! I brewed my first batch yesterday!!! I hope it turns out well.
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    using recipes

    Ok I see alot of recipes here, But I never see how much water to add. So I am thinking there must be a standard for water amount. Please shed some light on this for me.
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    looking for a beer club

    I am looking for a beer club in Middle TN. Within the Murfreesboro, Nashville area. New to the brewing community and would love to help to learn!:mug: