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    Help! Little Giant Pump

    So not a good day....dropped my little giant pump 578603 on ground and it wont work anymore... Does anyone know of a repair part place online? Shop that repairs? Or am i sunk into shopping for a new pump? Thanks
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    Brew Day Timers

    Getting tired of using a alarm setting on my phone for hop additions or spacing out the additions cause I forgot to look at clock after having a few brews.:mug: What do you guys suggest for a timer software?
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    Carboy to Bottle

    Just a noob question, How long do i have to leave the wine "Riesling" in the carboy before i can bottle it and let it age in the bottle? Thanks for you help!!!
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    Botteling question

    Wife like some store bought beer that has a screw off cap. Are these good bottles for recapping or am i looking at chances of problems? Thanks
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    Mash Tun Build

    So i am in a hurry to get a 2nd mash tun going. I was able to get a good seal from inside of the cooler to out for the spigot. I know i have seen builds where people have used stainless steel water supply lines to use as a manifold on the bottom of the mash tun. Yesterday at home jipo all...
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    About ready to bottle, And i already have 2 bottle capers.... But we have been saving all the wine bottles we buy and figured we might as well reuse them. Question here is i saw this capper...
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    Campden Tablet question

    Noob question here... Put campden tablets in 24hours ago...still got activity in the airlock :( How long does it normally take before fermentation stops? Thanks :tank:
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    Yeast Question

    Got my first mead made last week Cherry mead. Recipe is simple 2 1/2 gal of h20 12lbs of honey 3lbs of frozen cherrys and 2 quarts of cherrys OG 1.132 yeast k1-v1116 Question on this yeast, If i got the right yeast, This is going to made a sweet mead...Well least thats what i am...
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    mead on tap

    I have a 6 tap kegerator, Lots of extra corny kegs and was wondering if anyone has put mead on tap before? Was curious if the tap would get sticky and lock up or if all was well? Thanks
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    Got the Honey, Need help please

    So i got a gallon for honey for $25.00 from a local beekeeper. Now, I am ready to make my first batch of mead but i got a few questions and want to make sure i have the steps right. I am guessing 1 gal of honey will make 5gal of mead? From what i read i need to heat water up to 115 degree's or...
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    Widmer W11 KGB Recipe Clone

    Looking for KGB W11 clone. I bought the last 2 bottles in our area from a small convenience store yesterday, And the warehouse says there out :( So hopefully someone loved this beer as much as i did, and has a clone recipe or at least something very close. Thanks
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    Divideing Hops

    My hops plants are one year old and are starting to show signs of life. I have a few buddies in the area that want hop starts. I currently have them in 10gal buckets so they are contained from spreading into a garden....Yes i plan to upgrade the the 10gal bucket to like a 50gal. So, I...
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    First Mead

    So i am thinking about making a small batch of mead to start out with. Went over to a friends house and she had us sample some of her mead/wine. Was great stuff and enjoyed our time over there, but some of the recipes call for 23lbs of frozen raspberry's and a couple lbs of honey. Its great...
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    Broken Carboy :(

    So i just got done kegging the beer, Cleaned out carboy and was being careful and sober...Had not one drink yet...That might have been the cause :( And was taking the carboy outside to dump out all the crud and slipped and the carboy hit the concrete stairs while i was holding it. Good news...
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    Pay It Forward?

    I was thinking it was about that time of the year to see the Official 2010 Pay it Forward thread.... Is this going to happen this year? Or am i just jumping the beer-gun?:mug: I missed out last year :( Never could get a response in quick enough.
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    Longest time passed by without brewing :(

    I was looking at the calender yesterday and its been over 2 months since i have brewed. I even have 10gal of beer still sitting in the carboy. Been super super busy at work and on my days off i have 2 other jobs that keep me busy plus on what little free time i have been doing a bathroom...
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    Recipes kept secret?

    Just wondering if most people share or keep there recipes secret? I have tried other homebrewers beer and some will tell you what they put in it, Others are like " I aint tellin!! " I have had no problem sharing what i did, or what hops i have used. But others seem a little closed...
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    Keggle Repair

    So i got this soon to be keggle with a problem, It underside of it is bent almost the entire way around. What is the best way to straighten it back out? Just to clarify, It is the rim part, No the sides. Thanks for your help.
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    March Pumps

    So been looking at at the brew sculpture thread, And i have decided it would be a good winter project to do. looking at cost tho, one of the most expensive items is the march pump. I see them anywhere Starting at 150 bucks going up. There has to be something cheaper somewhere else than...
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    Hops Soil and Watering

    I have been watering hops all summer by a sprinkler...Well the hops did great, But so did the blasted weeds in the garden because of it. I have decided without a doubt, A drip system is going to be put in. Hooked up to the automatic watering system...IDK I am watering them allmost...