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  1. J

    Yeast to convert sugar into morphine?!

    I just read an interesting article. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
  2. J

    Would you? (advice plz)

    I havent brewed in about 1 1/2 years. Primarily do to a job that took a lot of my time. I've switched jobs and now will have more free time so I want to get back into it. I have a stout I brewed that has been sitting in the primary for about 1 1/2 years. Do you think its still good to bottle...
  3. J

    Cigar smokers can you give a rookie some advice?

    I'm wanting advice on getting a cigar sampler pack. I'm not a smoker and somewhat recently picked up a $5 cigar simply out of curiosity. I thought is was really good and I actually enjoyed smoking it. I want to order a sampler pack online when I get paid on the 1st. I'm a little reluctant due to...
  4. J

    To late to add campen?

    Im a new AG brewer and used tap water a couple of times. After some research I found out chlormines are not a good thing so I picked up some campden. My 1st batch I used tap water has a really strange lingering after flavor thats just not good. I have my 2nd beer that was made with tap water...
  5. J

    (drunk brewing) Forgot to take OG. Anyway to get ballpark figure?

    I need to quit brewing while drinking. This is the 2nd time I forgot to take a reading. I also ended up with a gallon more wort than expected. I polished off a 12 pack and barely remember the end of my brew session :drunk: Good news is its bubbling away right now.
  6. J

    [corona mill] am I missing a part....

    ...or can I just not figure this thing out. I just received it today and putting it together seemed straight forward or so I thought. Id read the instructions if I knew spanish. Here's a couple pics. Those are the only remaining parts on the table.
  7. J

    Grain/Hop to buy in bulk?

    Im finally getting a grain mill and want to buy some grains and hops in bulk. Perhaps a single hop single malt type to get a good pipeline going. I think even some crystal maybe. What would you folks recommend?
  8. J

    Just scored a 7cu ft chest freezer for cheap!!

    Im really excited about it. I plan on using it as a fermentation chamber for now perhaps down the road use it for a kegerator. Im ordering a temperature controller and a grain mill this Thursday. If my calculations are correct I will be able to snuggly fit 2 6.5 gallon ale pails in there at a...
  9. J

    Corona Mill?

    Just trying to make sure I buy the right one so I can make the switch to AG. Im trying to be as cheap as possible while not loosing quality. Would this work? Any other suggestions?
  10. J

    How much priming sugar would you use for a Barley Wine Ale?

    I've have a barley wine Im about to bottle but unsure about how much priming sugar to use. I know for the style I ideally wouldnt use as much sugar as say for a 5% Pale Ale. I have some digital scales so I can do exact measurements. There is just around 4.5 gallons after fermentation was complete.
  11. J

    The perfect beer pour.

    I thought you beer nuts would enjoy this. I go to hackday quite a bit just to see what people come up with and saw this beer pouring robot direct from kegerator. I think its pretty cool.
  12. J

    About to brew again after 1.5yrs. Some advice please.

    I finally ordered some supplies I needed from Rebel Brewer today to get back in to brewing. I was a noob and still am from the last brew date but got into brewing just for the big beers. I have some supplies on hand I ordered about 1.5 years ago to make a barley wine. I have kept the yeast in...
  13. J

    Ubuntu Linux Beer Program?

    I'm wondering if there are any Linux users here and if so what app do you use? I couldnt get Beersmith running correctly in Wine so thats a no go. I downloaded a program called QBrew its seems like it might be alright but doesnt seem as intuitive as Beersmith. So any suggestions would be...
  14. J

    Would you use this crushed grain?

    I have 4lbs of crushed Vienna that I've had around a month. I read some and found threads saying no more than 2 weeks is ideal for crushed grain. But would you use it? Its been in my kitchen. it stays fairly chilly in there because I havent been heating that room. Not sure if a cool environment...
  15. J

    Stove made from beer cans.

    I visit a site called hackaday ever once in a while to see what kinds of things people make. I saw this burner made from beer cans and a penny. Thought since we all love beer some of you might find this article interesting.
  16. J

    Its like christmas for me today :D

    I ordered a new 5 gallon Igloo cooler from ebay recently and got it today. I think I got a good deal on it. It was $16 total for it. I was bidding on similar ones that ended up selling for more. I priced them at Walmart and they are $8 more. Thats a sweet savings if you ask me. I also got my...
  17. J

    5 gallon bucket as secondary?

    I was at wal-mart the other day getting some paint and saw a 5 gallon paint bucket with lid for about $6 (hdpe plastic btw). I picked on up for use as a cheap bottling bucket but was wondering if I could use it as a secondary. Assuming I let it ferment all out I should be ok right?
  18. J

    Using a coffee grinder mishap

    I had to crush just under 3 lbs of grain last night for a brew I'm starting today. I put some in a grinder just to get a good start on them. I then used the rolling pin, freezer bag, and cutting board to finish it up. However while doing some chocolate grains I accidently knocked over my beer...
  19. J

    Can I use this as a bottling container?

    I saw these at Walmart today. They are five gallons. If I can I would rig something up so I could use a bottle filler attachement. I ask because its cheaper than a bottling bucket from my supply and I could use my existing one as a second fermenter.
  20. J

    What should I do with my mini-fridge?

    I have a mini fridge I scored for free. i know it will fit a 6.5" Ale Pail. It may fit 3 corny kegs but definitely 2 and may use it for a kegerator. I dont have any kegging eqquipment yet but want to someday. What would you do?