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    Do I need to add more yeast??

    Sweet, thanks for the advice! I went ahead and ordered the same yeast and hopefully everything will turn out well! - Houdini
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    Do I need to add more yeast??

    The yeast is Saflager W-34/70 Lager Yeast. I pitched dry (directions didn't say to create a starter) at high 50's (directions say pitch at 56), then fermented at 63F (directions said 60F - 72F). It's still at a steady 63F. - Houdini
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    Do I need to add more yeast??

    Ok, I've made about a dozen batches of beer before without any fermentation issues. However, I tried my first lager almost 2 weeks ago and I forgot to check after 48 hours to see if it was properly fermenting. :smack: So after almost 2 weeks I finally check and the lid on my fermentation...
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    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    Count me in! - Houdini
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    Going the kegging route- advice needed

    Kegs - Doesn't matter which you get really, although the ball lock are more common than the pinlock. The disconnects are NOT interchangeable, so if you buy one style keg you probably want to stick with it. Regulator - Yeah, you can purchase a 2, 3, or 4 way gas manifold to allow multiple...
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    Adding chocolate to a cherry stout extract kit?

    I purchased a Dark Cherry Stout Extract Kit from NB and I'd like to turn this into a Dark Chocolate Cherry Stout. I read that using bakers chocolate is the route to go, but I'm completely unsure of how much I should add. This is the first time I will be modifying a kit, so I was hoping to get...
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    Yeast came pre-acrivated!

    After 12 hours of fermenting I'm getting bubbles out of my blow-off tube, about 10 seconds apart. Looks like the yeast took! :ban:
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    Yeast came pre-acrivated!

    Thought I'd give a quick update. I pitched the yeast as is, but took a look at the inner package that hold the nutrients... And there were TWO nutrient packets inside it, each attached to each other. One was unbroken, and the other was broken with the entire side completely missing. It didn't...
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    Yeast came pre-acrivated!

    Thanks to all the replies... I do have a packet of dry yeast that I had completely forgot about (probably about 4 months old). I'd much rather stick with the recommended yeast for this kit however. I think I'll just pitch the pre-activated yeast as usual and if I dont get any activity in 24...
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    Yeast came pre-acrivated!

    Ah, I see, I've never made a starter before. I don't have any DME, but I do have some priming sugar if that would work... I'm slightly worried about temps too, as the ice pack wasn't remotely cool when I felt it, and we've had 90 degree weather over the weekend when it was shipping. On the...
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    Yeast came pre-acrivated!

    Unfortunately I haven't saved any yeast from other batches...
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    Yeast came pre-acrivated!

    I just received a new extract kit from NB and I noticed the wyeast 1056 was already activated. I started the brewing process as soon as the kit arrived and just noticed it was pre-activated when I started steeping the grains. I'm worried that this may have been activated during the whole 4 day...
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    Whoops, froze all of my kegs!

    I accidentally froze a keg once, and it never recovered. Not only was it much lighter in color and watery tasting (even after mixing it up again) but I had a ton of little black specs floating around that would never go away. I think part of the issue was that the water in the beer froze...
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    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    Count me in!
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    Whats the popular fridge for DIY kegerator

    +1 on using the Danby DAR440BL model. You can find lots of conversion threads on this. I'm very happy with my conversion. Only downside to this fridge in my experience is the temperature fluctuates quite a bit. Nothing an eBay aquarium temperature controller couldn't resolve tho.
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    seriously over carbonated keg!!!!

    Here's a quick way to solve over-carbonation:
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    Help with over carbed kegs

    Here's a quick way to solve over-carbonation:
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    Gas tube too big?

    I have the same type of keg with the same issue. After doing much research I decided against drilling the hole bigger (people who did it said they'd never go through that again). So my options were to either buy another plastic dip tube or simply buy a normal SS one and cut it down with a pipe...