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    Beer concentration market research

    Hey guys, I have an elementary engineering class for which my group is "creating" a small fractional freezing unit. The unit could be used to create ice beer and concentrate juices. We have to do a little market research; however, it is hard to find to statistics for paraphernalia sales so I...
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    Carbonation Options

    The beer was fermented with German Ale yeast up to 60%AA, champagne yeast was then added to further attenuate the beer to an 80%AA, so the beer has had champagne yeast. The fermentation took place over a month or so and the beer has been aged in a carboy for an additional six months. I don't...
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    Carbonation Options

    Thanks for the input. That is why I am going to use champagne yeast.
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    Carbonation Options

    I have a 14.5ABV beer that has been sitting in a secondary carboy for 6 months. Will the beer carbonate properly if I add some fresh champagne yeast and sugar or should I just keg it? I would prefer to bottle the beer so that I can stash the bottles for further aging, as opposed to having to tap...
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    BATF Arizona Brew Day Sunday 9/7

    I would love to come to the brew out, whenever you decide to hold it. I should also be able to make it to Papago on the Thursday. I have a question, what is a "container" party?
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    BATF PHX - Recruiting Drive 7/24 THUR

    I will try to make it, but I cannot guarantee!
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    Phoenix AZ gathering - BATF 07/09

    Hey, Glen, that would be me!:) Sorry about the lager, and thanks for the bottle!
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    Wheat Wine?

    My first suggestion would be: buy a bottle of Aventinus Wheat-Doppelbock (Weizenbock). The weizenbock style mixes the maltiness and alcohol of a doppelbock with the yeast and bread character of a hefeweizen. In other words: a strong, malty, wheat beer. I think it's important to try the different...
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    Abandoned Keg

    Thank you, olllllo, I appreciate your support. I really hope nobody thinks I want to keep it!:mad: I have all the equipment I need. I just saw the keg and wasn't sure what to do so I asked for advise.
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    Abandoned Keg

    That was exactly what I thought! I asked all the room mates and they don't know, which is ridiculous! If I had been there I would remember. I know some of the other people that were there, so I plan to ask them. The problem is my friend is 20miles away and I don't go there too often, so it will...
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    Abandoned Keg

    I don't have a problem with deposit money, I want to return it because I feel it is the right thing to do. I just don't want the original buyer of the keg to come looking for it, asking me for money! I'm going to ask around a bit, see if I can track him down, if I can't I will take it to a...
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    Abandoned Keg

    I was brewing at my friend's house yesterday, when I noticed an inconspicuous Anheuser-Bush keg, sitting in a tub, empty. Apparently, he had a party last week and somebody had brought the keg (he actually doesn’t drink). When I asked him why they hadn't returned it, he said that nobody...
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    It was my English IPA, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    I want to say that I had a great time meeting you guys! Thanks to everyone, especially olllllo for hosting the brewout.
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    What time are you guys planning on meeting at Papago? Looks like I don't have work, therefore I should be able to make it.
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    Im excited to meet everyone and hang out! I plan on bringing a growler of English IPA I made a month ago! BTW I would like to make it out next Thursday, but I think I might be working. As soon as I get my schedule I'll let you know.
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    I trade my tanks for $20, this is at Frys. I do it for the sake of convenience because its right down the street, otherwise I will go to HD, where I last paid $16 or $18, don't quite remember.
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    BATF - PHX June Brewout 06-07

    If it's cool with you guys, I'd like to come and hang out, probably won't brew though.
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    Way too much foam

    It sounds as though your beer has not completely fermented before it is bottled. This means once you bottle the yeast will ferment the priming solution and the remaining sugars creating more CO2 than desired. The cure would be to take a hydrometer reading after about a week of fermentation and...
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    Carbonated Yogurt?!?!

    Carbonated yoghurt? Sounds like a Berliner Weisse!:cross: