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  1. Opiate42

    Getting licensing and a math problem

    Hey gang, I'm trying to get licensed to sell my Hebrew at some cafes and restaurants in town and the gov has asked for a % breakdown of our beer ingredients in the final beer itself. An example I've seen breaks down like this: Water 88% Malt 8% Hops 3% Yeast 1% But what I don't understand is...
  2. Opiate42

    Malt Detective: unknown coffee malt

    Hey folks! I have a malt here, creamy brown colour and has a delicious espresso flavour to it. End result in the beer is a wonderful smooth flavour and mouth feel. Only have about 100g left and afraid to use it before I figure out what it really is. Got it from a friend but they don't...
  3. Opiate42

    Mash Tun Size for 25 Gallon Batches?

    Hey Folks! So I'm terrible at searching (and that maths thingy) and sure this has been answered somewhere already. But have a question on mash tun size. We're looking to upgrade to 20-25 gallon batches using a stainless steel mash tun and currently have a 70qt coleman cooler as a mash tun...
  4. Opiate42

    Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler for Mash Tun?

    Hey Gang, Am look at a 72qt Igloo Marine cooler for a mash tun and wondering if anyone has any experience with this line? Any thoughts on how well it maintains temperatures or reliability (as in not falling apart after a few uses)? Want to do 10 gallon high gravity batches and going to...
  5. Opiate42

    Meat Grinder Recommendations

    Hey Gang, The SO and I are looking at making our own sausages, cat food and whatnot and looking for a good reliable grinder that will last. We're not looking at dropping a huge bill on this as beginners, but something $150 or less that is sturdy, easy to clean and reliable would be great...
  6. Opiate42

    Corn Sugar Substitute in DIPA recipes

    Hey gang, Been hunting up recipes for DIPA's and seeing some calling for corn sugar in the boil for boosting the ABV. I must have a sensitivity or something but beers with corn sugar tend to give me headaches so am avoiding it. Any suggestions for a substitute? Does corn sugar add...
  7. Opiate42

    Auto Siphon cleaning

    Hey All, Have been noticing a gunk buildup in my autosiphon for a while now and my snaky tube cleaner is too big to brush it out. Any suggestions on how to get buildup out of an autosiphon? Especially the racking tube? I always give it a water and sanitizer blast-through after use...
  8. Opiate42

    Water Testing kits for ph, mineral content etc

    Hi Gang, Going to be in South America soon and hoping to take a test kit with me that I can measure the water at home and in some towns we're visiting to see how they compare. SO's family visits and whatnot, might be brewing with them :) Am browsing over Amazon and other sites but keep on...
  9. Opiate42

    Glass carboy cleaning

    Hey gang! OK so last night my SO and I are walking home and find a 3 gallon glass carboy on the sidewalk near our home. Two things occurred to me: 1) We live downtown Toronto in a whacky area and something this size would be a **** load of broken glass all over the street which is bound to...
  10. Opiate42

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Dark Light Not Entirely Light Chocolate Lager - 1 gallon recipe

    Now I don't have much space, so 1 gallon for now. Our little fermenting closet has an ambient temp of around 70F most days. Grain Bill: 1.5 lbs 2-Row 0.055 lbs Chocolate malt 0.025 lbs Carafoam 0.25 lbs Carahell 60 min mash @ 150 5 grams Fuggle @ 60 5 grams Hallertau @ 30 45 grams...
  11. Opiate42

    First Cider (Cat) Disaster

    Hey Gang, So I thought I'd try my hand at cider, started small with a 1 gallon batch. First ever time, and made a potentially fatal flaw: not putting it in the fermenting closet. I'd read that if it starts to smell like eggs to add some more yeast nutrient so in order to have easy access...
  12. Opiate42

    Cute CMAJ Article: The story of a physician, his bowels and beer

    Now This could find a home in the Gluten free forum but thought it's a cute read for anyone. It's a pretty short article. Now a bit of a disclaimer on the story, the December issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal every year is a bit of a silly affair, they set aside the usual...