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  1. Brownyard

    Komos Kegerator Bites The Dust at 14 months

    Oh Joy. The Komos Kegerator I so carefully researched before buying last September now appears to be nothing more than a $700 paperweight. I keep this thing in my kitchen. I noticed the other day that instead of the 38 deg, I keep it set at, it was showing 55. I noticed that the compressor...
  2. Brownyard

    Thoughts on this Water Report...

    Just got this back from Ward. This is for a vineyard where I'll be helping to get a nano brewery up and running. Probably 20 gal. to 100 gal. batches for the most part. I've been studying water chemistry, but it's not my strong point. Anyone have any glaring insights?
  3. Brownyard

    Software for extract brewing?

    Is software helpful at all for extract brewing? I recently got back into it, and am currently just brewing extract recipes from Northern Brewer and MoreBeer with distilled water. I do plan to try a few partial mash recipes soon, but I'm not sure I'll be going into All Grain or not. I've read...
  4. Brownyard

    Partial Mash Bag Size

    I'm going to do my first partial mash soon, and will need a bag large enough to hold at least 6 lb of grains, but not way too big for a 5 gallon/22 liter pot. Northern Brewer sells a 2' x 3', but it seems like that might be overkill. Will the freebie muslin bags included for steeping grains at...
  5. Brownyard

    Partial Mash vs. All Grain - 5 gallon pot

    I've got a 5 gallon pot which I've been using for extract brews. I've been thinking of trying a 5-gallon partial mash/partial boil kit, but would I be better off just diving in and doing a 3 gallon full boil all grain BIAB? I cook inside on the stove, and don't want to buy a larger kettle, as I...
  6. Brownyard

    Cold Crash in the Keg

    I don't have room to cold crash the fermenter for my next batch, Dead Ringer IPA, so I was going to go straight to the keg, and cold crash it. I usually force carb, so to my understanding (after a ton of reading), my best plan of action would be to transfer to keg, refrigerate at low pressure (2...
  7. Brownyard

    Most annoying trends in craft beer advertising...

    1. Overflowing beer in every photo. This annoys the hell out of me. Clean it up and learn how to pour! 2. Using the word "crushable"in ad copy. It bugs the hell out of me for some reason. 3 Using "af" in ad copy. Really?
  8. Brownyard

    Cold Crash in a Speidel 30L

    When cold crashing with the Speidel, I've been removing the airlock, and screwing on the cap. Will loosening the cap to relieve pressure once during the process be more likely to oxidize the beer than just covering with foil? Would I be better off just leaving the airlock on with some vodka in...
  9. Brownyard

    Coconut Cold Crash

    I'm brewing a porter. I just added two mesh bags of toasted coconut w/cacao nibs to the primary (Speidel 30L), which I'll let sit for another week or two. I weighted the bags, but didn't attach a string, so I'm a bit worried about fishing them out without causing oxidation. Should I remove them...
  10. Brownyard

    Open transfer from Speidel to keg

    Tomorrow, I'll be doing my first transfer from Speidel 30L spigot to keg. I'm not ready to jump into closed transfer quite yet, but had a few questions. I've removed the airlock and replaced with the screw on cap, and put the fermenter into the fridge for a cold crash. Can I leave the cap...
  11. Brownyard

    Kegerator Advice

    I'm about to buy my first kegerator (I'm not handy at all, so I'm buying one). I've done a ton of research, and was looking at the Komos V2 at Morebeer. Seems it'd be perfect, as I also need to control fermenting temps here in the summer. I stumbled across this Ivation on Amazon (...