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    IPA hop schedule

    Brewing an IPA this afternoon...any suggestions for hop schedule? 7 1/2 lb Briess DME Golden Light 1 1/2 lb Vienna Malt 1/2 lb Briess Special Roast have the follwing hops on hand: 6 oz Centennial 4 oz Columbus 6 oz Amarillo 8 oz Simcoe 6 oz Cascade 12 oz Nelson Sauvin 12 oz...
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    Cold crash got too cold

    Had about a quarter of my fermented beer (Pale Ale) turn to ice. Racked to keg anyway. Tasted like crap and smelled off. What can I expect?
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    Da D*mn Thing Pale Ale

    Let me know what you think. Trying Ahtanum hops in brew for first time. Cigar City uses them in their Jai Alai IPA and I love it. Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions! 5 gallon batch 3 gallon boil 5 1/2 lbs Briess Pilsen Lt DME. 3 lbs of that as late [email protected] 15 min 1 lb Briess Caramel...
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    Imperial Stout pitched on Irish Stout yeast cake

    Sound like a good idea? Or just pitch 2 packets S04? Dry Irish Stout extract kit w/ speciality grains. Safale S-04 yeast OG 1042 primary for 3 weeks...then pitch on yeast cake Imperial Stout extract w/ speciality grains. OG 1086 Thanks for any suggestions!