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    Debating Electric Vs Propane in a Townhouse Brewery

    Hey all, For the last year I've been doing partial boil extracts in my kitchen, my goal this year is to go AG and I'm trying to decide how to invest my limited budget. I live in a end unit townhome with a small yard and know HOA so I'm pretty lucky with that. however I do not have space...
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    LHBS Homemade Kits

    I'm not a big user of kits but, I was looking to brew my first Hop forward beer and I thought I would do an IPA for a friend as opposed to the porters I drink. I asked the LHBS what they would recommend and they gave me there home built Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Kit. I was in a rush so I grabbed it...
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    Oops I forgot the Malodextrin

    So I bought the brewers best pumpkin spice porter yesterday and brewed it today. The kit comes with 6.6#'s of Porter (Dark LME) extract and 8oz's of Malodextrin. I added 3.3#'s of pilsen LME to make this a baltic porter. I unfortunately forgot the malodextrin. So what should I do...
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    Spiced Porter

    So I was at the LHBS minding my own business when I was attacked by a brewers best pumpkin spice porter kit. Well I subdued it and brought it home. I don't use kits and I've only made 1 kit so I have a few questions. 1 The instructions say to add the whole spice packet. The packet is 2.5...
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    Got me a Mashtun

    1 more piece of gear closer to going AG. I picked up a 10 gallon Igloo beverage cooler (Never used) from craigslist today for $25.00
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    Getting ready to do an all grain batch looking for a burner

    I have 3 or 4 beers I want to brew this year and I am on tight budget. I have almost everything I need to do AG except a burner. I do however have a lowes gift card unfortunately the only turkey fryer they are currently selling is this one I'm assuming this would be useless for homebrewing...
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    Ego boost

    This weekend I served some of my just ready Vanilla Bourbon Porter to family, friends and neighbors, I'm used to polite encouragement and comments but I really think they were blown away. There was a long discussion about how and with what to serve the beer with and requests for additional...
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    Another Dr. Who Label

    Dalek's Delight Brewery keeps churning them out :)
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    OT BTU Question

    So this is less about brewing and more about camping. My wife and I are going to camp on the Chesapeake this weekend and I broke out my Coleman 425f stove which has not been lit in about 15 years. There was still fuel in it and it fired up immediately and I got a nice clean blue flame on both...
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    rehydrating dried yeast

    I made Brandon O's Graff last night and decided to try rehydrating my us-05 before pitching. I left it in a 9" cake pan with warm water while cooling the wort and adding the apple juice and it seemed to take off much faster. Anyone else rehydrating dried yeasts?
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    Thanks for The help I finally Finished

    I've been mucking around with this since Christmas. Now 4 batches later I have my first label and my template. I tweaked the text box of the Dalek in PS after converting this to a JPG. I didn't feel like uploading it again :)
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    Building a Wort Chiller

    Hey all, I got 20' of 3/8 od tubing on sale the other day. I also got all of my fittings etc. I have decided to use compression fittings since I have zero soldering skills. I just have 1 question. I currently do partial boils but am hoping to go to full boils soon. How tall should I make...
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    Font Advice

    I've been toying with "Dalek's Delight" Label for a while and I'm stuck on the fonts. I could use some suggestions. TIA Ray
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    To my Fellow Newbs - Bottling gets easier

    If your like me then you may have had challenges during your first few bottling sessions even with the awesome guide by Revy. Today I bottled my 4th batch and it was by far the easiest and quickest. I started siphoning into my bottling buck at 8pm, by 9:30 I had everything put into the...
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    Bourbon Vanilla Porter Question - Oak

    I am in my first week of fermenting the Robust Vanilla Porter from "Brewing Classic Styles" After doing some googling I decided to make the this a vanilla bourbon porter. I currently have to cut vanilla beans soaking in 16oz of Knob Creek Bourbon My plan was to add that during bottling. Now...
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    Leftover Extract

    So I have about 1/2 pound of both light DME and LME from my last few brews. I know I can save the DME for starters but does anyone have any non-brewing recipes that they use there leftovers for? I do all of the cooking for my wife and I as well as baking breads so, the sky's the limit.
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    Would you use a Blowoff for this

    I am doing the Robust Vanilla porter from Brewing classic styles tonight and will be pitching 2 vials of WLP001. I have about 2.5-3 inches of headspace before the neck. I'm thinking a blowoff is good insurance but I'm curious what the consensus is.
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    Forgot the grain bag

    I have a very narrow brew window tomorrow and forgot to pick up a grain bag for my steeping grains (Extract Recipe) Any problem with skimming them out with a strainer after steeping?
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    Temperature control

    I'm enjoying my first Saison experiment but it looks like I'm going to need better temperature control to really get this beer down. What is recommended as a way to gradually increase the temp of my fermentor and hold it for a week or two? My budget is limited but I am willing to invest.
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    Summer Ale/Saison questions

    So I've had a desire to make a Saison after I heard a talk about them on a podcast. They just sound like a wonderful beer. So I was at the LHBS and of course no Saison kits and I forgot my recipe so I didn't want to buy a bunch of Random items. So I ended coming home with a Brewers best...