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    Purging Oxygen in the keg with Starsan and Keg Hopping

    Last hoppy brew I made I used the method where you purge the keg of oxygen by pushing starsan out before you fill through the liquid post. It worked great and I've been really happy with that beer. Now I want to do it again but this time I also want to keg hop an NEIPA for extra aroma. My...
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    Amber Expirement Suggestions?

    So I did a batch of American Amber Ale yesterday and managed to get a full carboy plus a demijohn out of the kettle. I threw a pack 0f s-04 into the demijohn (the main batch was done with wlp051) but I wanted ideas of what I could add in secondary to the small batch for a bit of fun and...
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    Clear Wort, Clear Beer - Colbreak Question?

    So I was reading Yoopers article on the front page (if you haven't read it do, its very informative) and it mentions the formation of cold break and how a quick cool causes it to happen. My question is how quickly do you need to cool 5 gals to get a good cold break to occur?
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    Can You Cold Crash For Too Long?

    I have a pale ale cold crashing in my fridge but I'm also expecting a baby this week so could have to go to the hospital before I get to bottle. The beers been crashing for nearly 2 days now and I plan to bottle tomorrow but if I get called away and have to leave it for another 5-7 days would...
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    US-05 in 5 Gal of 1.070 Beer

    As the thread title suggest I want to use US-05 in a 1.070 IPA and I'm wondering will one packet be enough or should I use 2?
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    Understanding Where I Missed My Numbers

    A couple of weeks ago I did my first AG brew and I was mostly pleased with how it all went. I used this recipe here for the Russian River Row 2 Hill 56 clone. I plugged everything into Beersmith and I go my numbers back along with the brew steps that I tried to follow pretty closely. My...
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    Cold Crash in the Family Fridge: No airlock!

    So I'm cold crashing my pale ale in the family fridge and the airlock is just an inch or two too far. Currently I have the bung in place with no airlock and some sanitised tinfoil covering that. Is this enough precaution? I'm considering that there is a lot of open food and drinks in there with...
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    Cooler Box Mash Temp

    Plan on doing my first mash tomorrow. The mash calls for 164 degrees. If I preheat my cooler box how much hotter should my strike water be going in to hold at 164 for the hour?
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    First AG Recipe (APA)

    Tomorrow I plan on doing my first all grain and first non-kit beer (skipped the whole extract thing). I want to make an American Pale Ale with a really good bang of hop aroma and flavour. Here's what I've come up and I welcome any suggestions, tips or criticisms. Thanks Recipe...
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    Colorado Beer in Europe

    What is it about Colorado that they export so much to Europe? I'm in Ireland and we get O'Dell, Ska, Great Divide, Oskar Blues and Left hand. I can't think of another state that has so many Breweries here. And then I read here that some of these beers aren't available in many US states. So why...
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    Temperature Range for Fermentation

    Ok so as a beginner I don't have much real fermentation temperature control yet. I've done 2 brews so far, first one fermented pretty well in my office so I tried that again but with the spring weather it was jumping from 62 to 70 between day and night. This gave me some really estery flavours...