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  1. chainsawbrewing

    Indiana all grain brewing kit for sale

    south side of indianapolis, i have two 15.5 sanke kegs converted, one with a ball valve and thermometer, one with a ball valve and a sight glass, a big braided hose cooler mash tun, glass carboys, plastic carboys, lot's of extra stuff, all you need really to brew 10 gallon batches, i'm moving...
  2. chainsawbrewing

    i think i'm finally getting some cones!

    i haven't done jack **** to them honestly. i put them in the ground, put up some ropes for them to grow up the side of my shed, and that's it. i do know they get plenty of sun, they face the east, so they get all the morning sun on them, but other than putting them in the ground, i've done...
  3. chainsawbrewing

    i think i'm finally getting some cones!

    planted some centennial hops, first year nothing happened, the rhizome hardly even came up out of the ground, second year i got some decent vine growth, but still not a lot, maybe 5-10 feet, no cones at all, this is the third year, and they are much longer, maybe around 20 feet, a lot heartier...
  4. chainsawbrewing

    grain sell. what should i get?

    my lhbs is having a grain sale. by 55# bags, and get it half price. i'm super low on funds right now, and want to take advantage of this, and brew some beer! i'm thinking to go the cheapest route, i should do several SmAsH brews, but i'm curious on some opinions/suggestions on what you all...
  5. chainsawbrewing

    Zombie Apocolypse!! It's started!!

    In preperation for the zombie apocolypse, i made this calendar. it's a 15 month calendar, 8x12, full color, 15 different models, heavy stock paper, the thing looks gore-gous. anyways, for those of you that facebook, here's a link to the facebook page for it...
  6. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    calendars are finished printing. if you want to get one, they are $25 shipped nationally, pm me for international price. 8x12 full color, full bleed 15 month calendars. a different full page 8x12 photo with a different model for each month. paypal is [email protected] just put your...
  7. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    here is the link to the promo video for the calendar release party, in case anyone is around the indianapolis area the first of july.
  8. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    update: all photography and editing is FINISHED for the calendar. you can view the cover, a preview of what the date/calendar section, and a preview of each of the 15 models on the facebook page now. i'll be sending everything off to the printers by...
  9. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    sounds good man! thanks. :ban:
  10. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    if you have a facebook, "like" the page, as that's where i'll be announcing pre order dates, etc. if not, please just send me a pm on here so i don't forget to let you know once it's complete and for sale. it will be sometime around the and of may, first of june.
  11. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    thanks! those of you with facebook, you can now go "like" the page, , that's where i'll be announcing pre-orders, etc. and other news on the calendar. :ban:
  12. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    hello, i know from the few years i've been on this site that there are lot's of fellow photographers on here, so i decided to share my latest project with you. those of you who don't know me, i'm a photographer, and my wife and i have been working on a zombie pin up calendar for several...
  13. chainsawbrewing

    my bar build-tracking my progress here-

    took a short video of walking thru the bar area last night, thought it would be nice for those of you that have read the thread, followed the progress, to get a look at how it is now on video
  14. chainsawbrewing

    Who's the Greatest Band EVER!!!!!

    i think the greatest band of all time, in regards to my opinion is Savatage. moving, emotional, heavy, awesome composition, diverse, interesting, thought provoking, and badass.
  15. chainsawbrewing

    Show us your SWMBO...

    good looking girl, and devin townshend rocks! S.Y.L. !!!
  16. chainsawbrewing

    Show us your SWMBO...

    become a premium supporter, and you'll get my answer to that question, lol.
  17. chainsawbrewing

    sam adams sensory beer glasses for sale

    yes i did. and actually, (god i hope this isn't like a super dick move) i put them up on craigslist for $10 a piece, and somebody offered to buy all 17 of them for $270 and they are local, so i won't have to worry about shipping, or worry about them breaking, etc. and that's just too easy/nice...
  18. chainsawbrewing

    Show us your SWMBO...

    lol, no. kinda looks like him. steve johnson is awesome. he made slimer, and has done the fx/makeup/etc for tons of movies, and he's a total punk rocker, goes against the grain, is super down to earth, and shuns the whole "hollywood" b.s. scene. we hung out with him drinking all night, ran out...