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    Time to bottle?

    I made a cider with Aldi apple juice. No sugar added The gravity is close to 1 and stable over the last few days. I read on line you should leave in secondary for 4 weeks but i have did 1 week prinary 1 week secondary and its crystal clear and tasted good. Any advice
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    Mini kegs which option?

    Hi all Iv done 2 batches of biab and bottling is great but my bittle neck as i only have about 40. I was thinkinv about investing in maybe 5 mini kegs as theyre pretty cheap and will let my break up my batch into bulk and bottles. I know there are two types Gravity poor ones like in the shops...
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    Carbonating plastic keg?

    Hi all I have one of those plastic kegs with the co2 valves on top. My question may seem stupid but do the co2 canisters carbonate the beer or just help it to poor? If so do you still need to add priming sugar? Thanks
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    Carbonating like beer?

    Hi all just tried my juice made cider. 6.34% abv from the sugar im the juice Leaving another week to cehck the gravity but wuen i bottle just wandering if i should carbonate like beer? I used carbonation drops typically 2 per pint gives good carbonation. I dont mond dry cider and my taste...
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    Saison recipe?

    Hi all Looking to make a Saison, 20l batch. I have 5kg of pilsner malt. The recipe calls for sorachi ace hops but they are pretty expensive for the 200g i would need. I have some saaz left over so i am debating if this would be a credible change to the recipe. Also would it be worth adding...
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    Easy cider recipe?

    Hi guys just getting back into brewing again I would like to get a gallon on cider ready for summer. Anyone got a sinpme recipe? I plan to use juice but need advice in what else needs adding. Tannin etc? Thanks!
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    Safe to bottle? Hefe stage 2

    Hi all First off thanks for the help recently when i thought my beer was a failure. Its now been nearly 3 weeks in the primary The fg is stuck at 1.016. The sg was 1.05. The fg hasnt moved in over a week even after i tried a higher temp. Flavours are quite malty after taste. Hoping with...
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    Hefeweizen failure?

    Hi all Iv been working on my first biab hefeweizen. I used 3kg pale wheat malt 3kg maris otter 500g flaked maize 250g flaked oats 15g Saaz and 20g hersbruckers hops full 90 min boil Same again but for last 20 mins less grams. Using the electrim mashing all in one Recipe from east gate...
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    Fermenting temp help

    I recently purchased a brewdog recipe book which has some really good looking stuff in it. Some of the recipes are quite complex, in the fact that anything over 21c fermenting is difficult for me because i do not now how to prolong higher temps easily. Is it possible to use the electrim...
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    Wheat beer and a set out recipe

    Hello I just ordered a 34litre (max) electrim mash tun boiler hoping to do some biab. For my first two batches I wanted to make a nice wheat beer followed by a slightly sweet stout beer. I think from reading posts it would be about 20litres of wort? Does anyone have any good anday...
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    Electrim boiler/mashing bin for mashing?

    I wanted to start all grain brewing. I purchased a 34lt electrim boiler/mashing bin. I was wandering if it is possible to boil and mash in this thing without having an additional mash tun? Tbey are so darn expensive... All advice welcome
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    SG allowance for pulp?

    Hi everyone, I am making strong cider using cloudy, pressed apple juice. I have 5 gallons poured into my barrel, the SG is coming out at 1.050 ish. My hydrometer is estimating that this will produce alcohol of around 8%. My original recipe asked for an additional 2lbs of cane sugar...
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    will a slight variation matter? help

    So I have been looking to make 1 gallon of eldrberry and blackberry wine. Some recipes say to use 2lb of each berry. Some say 2lb of one sort 1lb of another. I have 2lb blackberrys 1lb of elderberrys 1 ripe banana 1tsp pectin 1tsp yeast nutrient 1kg sugar 1tsp wine yeast Will this...
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    how much sugar to backsweeten?

    I just made some cider from apple juice and its around 8%. I tasted it after a month and it tasted like dirty pants, i added a random ammount of sugar and the taste was fantastic! I need to sweeten the whole 4 litres, any idea of a base ammount of sugar per litre to give a nice semi sweet...
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    what is the next stage!?

    Hi my juice has fermented dry over a couple of weeks, I moved it to a cooler place. I am not sure what to do next. It has an eggy smell that is less intense now and I read somehwere that you just leave it for about a month in a cool-warm dark place and it will mature enough? Do I stop...
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    will this recipe be ok? apple cinnamon.

    Hi guys I'm new to cider, have a few questions for recipe and bottling etc. First the recipe I started is, 4 litres of cloudy apple juice (contains apple juice, asorbic acid and vit c) A third of a pack of youngs cider yeast One teaspoon of ground cinnomon Pectin Yeast nutrient The...
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    how much yeast for 1 gallon of cider?

    Hi everyone I'm going to make 1 gallon of cider to about 6 percent, Going to use 4.5 litres of apple juice Sugar (not sure how much yet) Youngs cider yeast (how much) Any tips so this doesn't taste like a bum?
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    How strong is htis stuff, 1.2kg sugar?

    Hi i made a simple batch of welches wine with 1.2 kg of sugar (inc that in the juice) and am curous to how storng it is, The initial reading was between 16-17 % ABV and now fermenting seems to have stopped at 1.030 on th ehydormeter shown n the picture provided, how strong roughly will my brew be?
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    water wine topped up for flavour?

    I found a recipe for coconut wine but its not quite what I think I'm looking for. I'm aware that coconut oil can go rancid before there's enough alchohol to preserve the ingredients. I want to make a strong drink that I can use as a mixer with a coconut flavour like malibu? If I ferment water...
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    holy poo, insanely strong!

    I have finally learnt why high ABV is not lovely. Been in Scotland for the week and i got back tonight to find my pineapple wine (1 imp gallon) had stopped and moved it into a fresh demijohn. ( left the primary quite long...) I used 1 litre of pure pineapple juice, 2.3 pounds of sugar and some...