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  1. Z

    Vacuum Sealers

    Well I ordered a seal-a-meal so we'll see how it holds up. It was about 1/3 the price of the Foodsaver I would have bought.
  2. Z

    Vacuum Sealers

    I just sent back the handheld FoodSaver system with the zip lock looking bags to Amazon. I had a problem with the bags letting air back in after putting in the freezer. After contacting Foodsaver they told me that the valves are not rated to go in the freezer and would leak, would have been nice...
  3. Z

    American Light Lager Mexican Lager (Cerveza)

    I brewed 10 gallons of this a couple months ago using the recipe as shown above to the "t". It is an awesome light Mexican lager. My wife even loves it and she usually doesn't like my homebrews. I can see what you mean about the corn coming through a little too much, I like it but it may also be...
  4. Z

    What are your absolute favorite recipes??

    I'm looking for a new recipe for my next batch and figured you guys could make some good suggestions. My last two batches turned out great, one was a mexican lager I found on the web and the other was a batch of Lake Walk Pale Ale which was my favorite pale ale to date and will overtake Ed...
  5. Z

    Does dry hopping in the keg make your beer cloudy?

    I just dry hopped for the first time (Lake Walk Pale Ale) with Simcoe and Amarillo hops. I used a stainless mesh dry hopper from Arbor Fab which work out amazing. I was dry hopping right after the transfer out of the primary...
  6. Z

    Will a standard knot hold ok with baling twine?

    I've got the thicker baling twine they sell at TSC and I put up my strings Sunday. I have them run at about a 45 degree angle from tie out stakes in the ground up the eye bolts in trees about 15 feet up. I'm not sure what you call the knot I made besides its just a standard knot. I put about 5-6...
  7. Z

    Anyone lager the entire time in the primary?

    I just racked a lager into my secondary/cornies after 4 weeks. I typically rack my ales from the primary after 2-3 weeks but stretched this batch out a bit longer since I was busy and the weather was bad. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to leave a lager in the primary for a full 2...
  8. Z

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    Used the filter today for a Lake Walk pale ale, I ended up using 4.5 oz of hops (2.5 @ 60 and 2.0 @ 5). I liked the size, at the start of the boil about 3" of the filter was above the wort. I also like that its a couple inches from the bottom of the IC, I was able to use the hanger as a handle...
  9. Z

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    I've never had an infection. Plus I like to stir up the wort during the chill to avoid hot & cold pockets.
  10. Z

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    Nope it stays open. Not sure how you could cover a kettle with an IC sticking out unless you cut notches in a lid.
  11. Z

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    I got my filter and dry hopper today, they are very nice. The TIG welds are very clean as well as the fabrication, a hell of a deal for the price. I got a 6" x 16" 300 micron with custom keggle hanger. I designed it to fit inside my IC, I will either leave the IC in the entire boil or just pull...
  12. Z

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    I've got one that shipped today from Chad that I designed to be able to sit in a keggle inside my IC. Its a 6" x 16" filter with a hanger. I'll post pics in a couple days.
  13. Z

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    Well I just went ahead and went with the 300 micron, seems most people are happy with it. I almost went with the 400 but if I ever go with a plate chiller then it will come in handy and if I ever decide to sell it most people would probably want the 300 micron. I'll post a picture when I get it...
  14. Z

    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    I'm about to shoot Chad a drawing of a 6" x 16" filter for my keggle that will fit inside my IC (will leave the IC in for the entire boil). Since I use an IC instead of a plate chiller should I just go with a 400 to help with draining seeing how I don't have to worry about clogging a plate...
  15. Z

    Opinions on Stainless Mesh Hop Spiders

    Anyone else have any experience with them?
  16. Z

    Show your steins!!

    Now that's bada$$
  17. Z

    Opinions on Stainless Mesh Hop Spiders

    Yeah I figured it would let at least the very fine hop pellet material through. I guess if it got fine enough to hold all that back then it wouldn't let water through well.
  18. Z

    Opinions on Stainless Mesh Hop Spiders

    So I've never made an attempt to keep pellet hops out of my primary but occasionally my dip tube gets stuck when trying to drain the kettle which is a PITA because I have to break out the siphon which is a lot slower. I also usually lose at least 1/2 gallon of beer because my dip tube doesn't...
  19. Z

    Dry hopping in the primary.

    Ok I'll do a 2 week primary, the last week will be dry hopping.