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    Questions on harvesting yeast

    Hi, I recently bought a bottle of Chimay Tripel in the hopes of harvesting yeast to use in brewing future Belgian ales. After making my starter, I kept waiting for some activity until I remembered that some strains of Belgian yeast prefer higher temperatures (my house right now has dipped to 65...
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    Food grade confusion

    Since I started brewing, I've taken to building a lot of my own equipment -- both as a cost saving measure and because it gives me something to do while I'm waiting for various batches to ferment/condition. But I've never been very certain about the designation "food grade," specifically...
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    Brewery names and competitions

    When I first thought about naming my home brew operation, I figured the sky's the limit. I mean, if I wanted to name my brewery "North American Brewing Company," who would mind? I have no intention of marketing my brew or starting up an actual company. I'm also mindful of costs, so I'd only put...
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    Equipment storage question

    Apologies if this has been discussed in another thread. I've just been kicked out of the kitchen (for reasons, I'm sure, are rather common) and am making the transition to outdoor brewing. Since I have a relatively empty shed, I'd like to move the whole operation out of the house, including the...