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    Is distilling TINCTURES legal?

    Here is the process: Buy Everclear (or similar ~90% ethanol product), make tincture of herbs/spices, then distill off, to isolate just ethanol and volatile oils. Anyone know if this is illegal? There is no increase in alcohol concentration, and the starting liquor is already distilled (and not...
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    Tripel now has strange flavor

    9.5 DME Pilsen (3.5 start, 6 at 20 mins +0.7 lb for starter) .6 Belgian carapils .6 american caramel 1.5lb candi sugar Estimated OG: 1.097 Estimated FG: 1.027 Estimated ABV: 9.21 Hop additions: 1 oz German Perle (~8% AA) @ 60 mins 1 oz Saaz (~4% AA) @ 15 minutes Starter: WLP530 2...
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    High ABV hard mulled cider

    Has anyone done this? This is a lazy post, I'll edit it/bump it later. I'd like a 12%+ cider with cinnamon and sweet for winter time. I'm thinking of using EC-1118, and adding any flavorings to secondary (including Apple juice concentrate). I'm wondering if anyones done this and had...
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    How many infections aren't visible?

    I've been brewing for a while, and recently my roommate started to as well. He's used the same equipment as me. His first brew tasted ok, but drinking an entire beer, one immediately notices a kind of mouth-feel. And its happened to my beers before, too. It's a bit more viscous than a beer...
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    CO2 Flow regulator to PSI regulator conversion?

    Hey all, a friend of mine has a CO2 tank/regulator from a hydroponics store: And I'm trying to convert this into a CO2 regulator for kegging. Is this possible, or has anyone done this? Or am I basically going to have to purchase a regulator...? Thanks. :mug:
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    IPA's are bad.

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    Tripel cloying / syrupy / gross.

    I made a tripel with 9.5lbs pilsen DME, .6lb american caramel, 1.5lb invert sugar. Yeast: 1388 belgian strong yeast (no starter). My FG is very high (I think) - sitting at ~1.023. I already bottled it, thinking not much of it, but its become obvious that this is cloyingly sweet. I'm not sure...
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    This Tripel tastes salty, w..t..f..?

    Recipe: 9.5lbs pilsen dme .6lb american carmel 10L 1.5 lb invert sugar 2oz goldings 2oz domestic hallertau 1oz sterling I used the white labs strong ale yeast (forgot the #) No starter. I boiled for 40 minutes, not 60. How can I get a salty beer? I used RO water.
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    Bread yeast, cider, bentonite, and 10 days

    Here goes. I've read up basically 10 cents worth of the millions of dollars of information out there on cider. I got 5 gallons the other day, brought it home, and realized I had no S-04 left. You know what waiting 24 hours is like? It's stupid. So in goes fleischmann's yeast, bentonite, a...
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    Such a peculiar off-flavor. Need help.

    I've posted about this before, and I didn't get much of an identification. When brewing mead and beer, I'm fairly certain I've got a string of the same contamination. I continually get an off-flavor that isn't much of a flavor, but rather a physical sensation on the tongue. It stings ever so...
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    Stabilizing = Off Flavors/texture

    Hi Everyone, I hope this sub-forum is a good choice for the topic. I've made some mead and cyser recently. I won't go into the whole ingredients list, unless someone asks but here is the situation: After about 2 weeks of fermentation, the FG was hit (~1.000). I tasted both the Cyser and the...
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    Elevated temp aging

    So, foot-in-mouth, I will attempt it myself, but I've been strongly interested in optimizing mead making for some time. LoR has done an amazing work of science with the bomm, and I'd like to follow a bit in his/her foot steps. A lot of my meads are quite hot when young, after 2 months they...
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    I left my grains in the fermenter

    I ended up having only 6 oz's of grain in my extract brew, but I couldn't find my muslin bag anywhere, so I made the decision to just throw them in. Likely there will be a slight astringency, but due to the low actual amount I'm not worried so much. I am worried that letting the husks sit in...
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    Infections that aren't visible?

    Are there any bacteria or fungal infections that don't produce any visible signs? I'm just wondering what the f*** this god awful taste is in my RIS, and whether it may clear out with age, or get worse. There is no sign of contamination, the beer is quite clear and 'good looking'. I...
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    Tripel via Extract?

    Man I love this fruity tripel that I tried, got the ratios, and have a brewer's friend recipe waiting with extract BUT Tripel is so simple, would an extract tripel be pretty bland, or could I get away with it?
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    Cacao nibs gave GROSS flavor

    I bought these: And I just tested after 3 days in secondary - DISGUSTING. I had used these in one of my meads as well, but thought it was because of the grains I had used. Nope - definitely the same flavor - and its definitely...
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    S-05 FG is 1.034

    I followed this recipe: My OG came to around 1.090, but my FG is fairly high... (and very sweet!). It's been sitting for 6 weeks in primary. I'm moving to secondary today and will be adding cacao and coffee beans. Here are my questions 1.Would pitching more yeast be a good idea to...
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    Pea Beer/Wine

    Stroke of insight hit me - peas are mostly starch and sugar. Has anyone ever heard of a wine or beer used purely from peas? I've seen "Pea pod wine" - where they only use the pods to flavor it, but that's kind of lame. What if you use fresh peas and some adjuncts to break down the carbs &...
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    Priming it HOT

    I'd like to prime my bottles as fast as possible - how much off-flavor would occur from priming @ 85°+ F? Grassy ass.
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    "Dawn Treader" Tripel from Canal Park Brewery

    Is anyone familiar with Duluth, MN Canal Park Brewery Tripel called "Dawn Treader"? I'd like to make a clone of it - it is the only 'light' beer that I've ever wanted a second glass of (I'm a huge stout/porter drinker). They don't sell outside of their brewery, so you'd have to have gone in...