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    OK, long story, sort of. In January of 2009 I brewed an Irish red ale extract kit. In February 2009 I had a massive seizure that nearly killed me. By the time my thoughts turned back to the beer in my fermenter it had been there for over 2 months, resting on the yeast the whole time. I went...
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    A Successful Saison

    I just took my seven day gravity reading of the Northern Brewer Saison kit I brewed last weekend. It started out at 1.052 and was hovering at 1.011, which I think is just fine. And of course I tasted the sample. I'm pleased with the fact that it exhibits the characteristics associated with a...
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    I've Slipped Over the Edge

    Not only do I have an American Wheat in the fermenter and a Belgian Saison on schedule to be brewed tomorrow, I just spent $40 on three six packs plus one bottle of craft beer. The beers were 60 Minute IPA, Palo Santo Marron, Rogue's Dry Hopped Saint Rogue's Red, and a bottle of Sam Adams...
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    American Amber Ale

    Just a general informational post, I guess, because I really don't have a question per se. I brewed an American Amber Ale (Northern Brewery Kit) a week ago Friday (ten days in the fermenter) and decided to take a gravity reading today so I could have a taste. The gravity is hovering right...
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    Second Batch Success

    I brewed my second batch Friday, an American Amber Ale, and it went so much smoother than my first. I just felt more in control of the process and was far less worried over some of the variables involved. Things I was nervous about the first time--cooling the wort, pitching temperature...
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    It's Beer!

    I'll have to admit that I wasn't ready to believe it until I opened the lid to my fermenter and looked inside. Speaking of which, someone really needs to put a warning somewhere against sticking one's head in the bucket the second the lid comes off to "see if it smells like beer." After the...