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    Indiana Blichmann Floor Burner for sale

    Also they do not include a propane regulator
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    Indiana Blichmann Floor Burner for sale

    I will post photos tomorrow. And PM you price to ship to you.
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    Indiana Blichmann Floor Burner for sale

    I have 3 Blichamnn Floor Burners for sale. I would like $100 each or make a reasonable offer. I can post pictures later if need be.
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    Brewing with Amoretti

    So I have access to Amoretti Artisan Natural Flavors ( and know that a lot of professional breweries are using them along with other Amoretti products. I was wondering if anyone has experience using their any of...
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    Ideas For A Stout

    Drop the black for debiterized black it's not as astringent, add some flaked oats or try Golden naked oats. Not sure about pacman on a stout but it will make beer. I'm a little hesitant about the cherries in the boil, but if you have done this before and you like it go with it.
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    Citra/Apollo IPA recipe review (please)

    Spend the money on enough liquid yeast since you are so close to brew day. S-04 is ok on a pale bit is essentially the same as Wyeast 1098 British ale and I do not find it makes a good pale. If you want something English try WYeast 1469 West Yorkshire or 1968 londen ESB. I have been really...
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    Kolsch recipe feedback

    I like to add a little Munich or Vienna to my Kolsch, I have also used Belgian Pils and with a touch of Avengard Carahell just to get the color correct. Concerning yeast I have used Wyeast 2565 and had great success. I am looking forward to trying out Imperial Organic G03 Dieter on my next Kolsch
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    Golden Naked Oats in Belgian Wit

    I am working on a Belgian Wit recipe, and I know traditionally a small amount of flaked oats are used. Well I was wondering has anyone used Simpsons Golden Naked Oats in one. I feel as though the effect would be the same because it is there to add to the smoothness in the mouth feel. Thoughts?
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    March pump from Speidel to Corny keg

    So I am currently using a 120L Speidel fermenter for my batches. Well transferring in to kegs is not my favorite thing, but I started doing a CO2 push to help the process out. The reason for this is because I am sealing my kegs before hand and do not have oxygen touch the beer. I fill through my...
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    ABV issue

    Thanks for the advise and thoughts. I have some thinking to do, and this has helped.
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    ABV issue

    I had been doing 90 minute for the Pilsner malt because in Brewing Classic Styles Jamil says that you may need to do the 90 rest and 90 boil. Thus why I did that, I will look at shorting the rest time in the future with Pilsner malt.
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    ABV issue

    I did the 90 at 149 because of the Pilsner malt and the possibility of DMS. That may be my issue on these last 2 recipes
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    ABV issue

    I am on a 20 gallon system and due to boil off and fermentation we aim of 25 gallons of wort in the boil kettle, which leaves us about between 22-23 gallons in the fermenter. Not sure what my begging amount will be for this recipe, but passed batches have about 18 gallons. Amt Name Type # %/IBU...
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    ABV issue

    So I brewed my third batch on my new system am running into a brick wall with my ABV. It is not that it is low, but always high. My last beer I was understanding of because it was a kolsch and I played with the temp in my ferment chamber when I shouldn't have. I have a Belgian Dubbel in my...
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    Belgian Candi Syrup

    So I am brewing a Belgian Dubbel this weekend and started thinking about the Candi Syrup I am going to be using (which is D-90). Well I started wondering when and why do all of you add Candi Syrup into your beers. From everything I have been reading it is completely up the the brewer, but just...
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    Is it still good?

    So a buddy brewed a Christmas Ale in November and transferred it to secondary at the beginning of December. He intended to bourbon oak chip it, but didn't get to it. Well he still has it sitting currently, and I'm wondering if it is save able or still good. It has been in a glass carboy the...
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    Kolsch help

    Well the hydrometer read 1.004 so well that is over the target but I will take it.
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    Kolsch help

    Well I learn something new everyday from this community. I did not know I needed to correct for alcohol. I am about to do a hydrometer reading and will be able to see where it is with that. Thanks for the help everyone.
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    Kolsch help

    I am using a refractometer. Just recently got it cause I was tired of needing so much beer to test gravity. Mash temp was 149