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    Robbies lightly smoked dry Irish Stout

    Good luck. How’d it go? What does adding the chocolate late do?
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    Safale S-04 Cider

    When you say you stir, Yooper, should I be fermenting in a my beer pal/bucket with airlock on, and remove the lid everyday to stir? Every other day? Some posts on here have said you don't even need a lid and airlock - that can't be true, or is it?
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    What are you drinking now?

    Where did you find BrouCzech? In the US?
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    American Porter Edmund Fitzgerald Clone (AG)

    The GLBC website no longer lists the hops for EF. What was your final hop schedule and do you recommend it?
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    Edmund Fitzgerald

    Thanks for sharing this
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    Strewin' & Brewin' Beer Dinner - Dallas

    Have done any of these since? Sounds like fun
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    Newcastle Cabbie Black Ale?

    I was wondering the same thing this weekend. I agree - it has such a complex flavor profile. Am I wrong or does it have some acid malt or souring going on in there?
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    Winter Seasonal Beer Holly (Christmas Ale)

    Made my tea yesterday and, it smelled good. I ended up drinking half a pint that wouldn't fill a bottle and loved it. No one spice dominated the others, all were subtle nuances that were detectable on the finish. I hope it stays that way. Also using chinook to bitter was a good...
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    BYO Samuel Adams Cream Stout

    Good to know. I thought 80 was ridiculous and man, would I love to get that old fezziwigg recipe. That is the best bottle in the winter mixed pack IMO. Alright then, I guess this is my next recipe. Thanks for all the input!
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    BYO Samuel Adams Cream Stout

    Good to know chatters. I see you and shadows both used carafa but I didn't see it listed on the Sam Adams web page. How'd you come to that conclusion and how can Sam Adams claim the stout to be 80 SRMs. I can barely get to 40 when I put the recipe through brewers friend
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    FG for Milk Stout

    Hey guys, I have a similar thing going on with a brown ale. OG of 1.064 but mashed high at 160. After two weeks I'm at 1.026 instead of the predicted 1.018. I spun the carboy and shook it up to wake the yeast back into suspension and I have it upstairs where it's about 75 degrees. Any other...
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    British Brown Ale Fat Squirrel clone

    Cool. I thought I might have unfermentables in there being at 160 for so long. I'll wait it out. Can't hurt right? Waited it out another 10 days. Final gravity halted at 1.024. Bottled, no explosions yet. Still tasted great so far - lesson learned - control my temps better. I think I'll...
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    British Brown Ale Fat Squirrel clone

    So. I brewed the partial mash recipe and added a 1/2 lb. of 6-row to try to get more diastatic power. I ended with an OG of 1.064. That was 13 days ago. Hydro sample today tasted great - very bitter but I was only at a gravity of 1.026. Even if tomorrow's sample is the same should I bottle or...
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    BYO Samuel Adams Cream Stout

    Thanks. How do you feel about the Carafa II?
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    Winter Seasonal Beer Holly (Christmas Ale)

    I'm not an AG brewer yet so I made a PM of the Special B, chocolate, crystal, and wheat last night. I held the mash for 45 minutes starting at 150 and varied between that and 160. Added 6lbs DME and used chinook to bitter and at flameout in hopes of adding a piney aroma to this holiday brew. I...
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    BYO Samuel Adams Cream Stout

    How is this coming shadows? I used to live in Beantown and had this at the brewery before they ever bottled it. One of the smoothest stouts I have ever had.
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    British Brown Ale Fat Squirrel clone

    Brewed the partial mash recipe last weekend. I unfortunately mashed a bit high at 160 but all in all the night went well. Just a half oz of magnum made it quite bitter. I measured an OG of 1.064, which seemed a bit high but maybe the sweetness will counteract the bitterness. Thanks for taking...