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    Best ways to move mash basket?

    If your vent hood is attached to the ceiling joists in the basement, why not just screw an eye bolt through the vent - into a joist? That's what I did. My pulley system is a game hanger I got for less than $10. It does not ratchet. I lash it off on a boat cleat to let the basket hang and...
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    Unboxing Colorado Brewing Systems new Single Vessel System

    You'll have to post back on this thread and let us know how it's going for you.... sometime when you're not cleaning your stuff (ha). But seriously, I'm curious what was your beef with single vessel brewing that made you want to go back to 3V?
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    Unboxing Colorado Brewing Systems new Single Vessel System

    Sight glasses can work well. I'm not crazy about mine. It has a range of 7 - 16 gallons. Not much help if I have to measure out 6 gallons of RO. They're one more thing to clean, they can break, they cloud, and mine even plugged with hops once. I question the accuracy of my calibration on...
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    Unboxing Colorado Brewing Systems new Single Vessel System

    Thanks. I’m following your page. Maybe it’ll get answered there but how do you gauge volume now? The basket is in the way to do etched on the kettle....wait not really for heating up everything before the mash. Hmmmm Calibrate your kettle. Measure the liquid depth with a metal yardstick...
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    Unboxing Colorado Brewing Systems new Single Vessel System

    Nice to see this thread getting some traction again. I honestly think the reason so many have expressed heartburn is because of the solid side basket. I got my system before that was even an option and got a 400 micron all mesh basket. Never had a re-circulation issue. Never use rice hulls...
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    Unboxing the Nano from CO Brewing

    New question: Are you folks fermenting in just a primary, or are you using a secondary? In my old 3V system, I got away from using a secondary fermenter because it was an extra step, and I did not perceive any difference in the finished product. I kept that same train of thought when I...
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    Toppling Goliath pseudoSue - Can you clone it?

    I live in Decorah and Sue has always been my "go to" TG beer. Just got back home after being down south for a while to escape the winter and had a Sue on tap at a local restaurant. My first thought was that the keg had kicked and I got a pint of yeast and dregs. From what I hear, Sue has a...
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    Help with Mash Recirculation

    Why do you add grits to the grist?
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    Drum / paint mixer used in BIAB system ?

    I bought a huge French Whip at a kitchen store for like $20 or so. Dough balls don't stand a chance. It's been a really good tool.
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    Survey: Whats your brew pot size and do you use all of it.

    Rule of thumb for BIAB is that your kettle should be twice the volume of your batch. I brew 10 gal and 5 gal batches. The kettle works fine for both. My suggestion would be to buy a kettle sized for the size of batches you think you might eventually want to brew. Buyers remorse lasts a long...
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    School me: Why Electric Brew Over Kettle

    Lack of portability with electric rigs doesn't bother me at all. I have dedicated brew space in my basement and all of my "stuff" is right there. Makes life easier.
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    MM2 or MM3 fit BC Base?

    I'm done fighting with my Barley Crusher mill. Does anybody know for certain if the base and/or hopper from the Barley Crusher will fit a Monster Mill MM2 or MM3? When it takes just about as long to crush as it does to mash, it's time for a change.
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    New Custom Spike Kettle

    I have 1.5" TC ports throughout my kettle and have no problem getting my ripple element inserted. I'd recommend going all 1.5". Then all of your clamps and gaskets are interchangeable. Makes life easier.
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    New Custom Spike Kettle

    If you plan on eventually brewing indoors, I'd add another port at the top for a steam condenser. Way cheaper than putting in an exhaust system.
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    Clawhammer Supply BIAB

    It's a fair value for whats included in a ready to brew package. A few things that I would point out: I'm not crazy about the element - not necessarily because of the watt density, but I'm not certain about the enclosure. The element is the only tri clamp fitting on the system. There are...
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    Help me choose 240v brewery controller - No DIY

    Colorado Brewing Systems might make a custom controller. Shoot them an email and tell them what you want.
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    Unboxing the Nano from CO Brewing

    I really haven't spent much time digging into it yet, but a couple of points that strike me at first blush: You need to keep the lid on during the boil, so you can't monitor how vigorous your boil is. Probably not a big deal. Also, you have to remove the lid for hop additions, etc. I see the...
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    Modular Brew Stand

    Is the cube for the boil kettle tall enough so that you can drain into a fermenter? Might add casters for portability.
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    Blichmann TopTier for BIAB

    I use a pulley like that. You could just attach a boat cleat to the stand and lash the free end of the rope to the cleat while you're draining. No real need for a ratcheting pulley. I'd buy casters for the stand so it could roll to wherever you plan to store it. Nice score.
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    Natural Carbonation in a Keg

    I have a 10 gallon batch of a Pale Ale to keg in the next day or so. Since all of my CO2 lines are busy, I figure to carbonate naturally in the kegs. One will get dosed with corn sugar, the other with DME just to see what the difference might be. I plan to slap spunding valves on both, set...