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    Tiny fermentation

    Oooops.... I think I left my wort a little too long in the hydrometer. 3 days and the natural yeast took it over, look at that krausen! [/IMG]
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    missed mash temp

    Any suggestions on what to do if i was supposed to hit a mash temp of 154 and missed low at 145, then had to boil more water and added it and then missed high at 165 and it took about 20 mins of stirring to then reach the correct mash temp of 154?
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    Boilermaker or convert cooler for mash tun

    Hey guys, I got a 15 gal BoilerMaker kettle for christmas and I am very excited to move to all-grain brewing. Previously I have only had a 5 gal pot to do partial boils in with steeping grains. I am new to this and am trying to wrap my head around the process of using the BoilerMaker as a...
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    Traveling with beer - to chill?

    I am traveling home for the holidays and want to bring a case of homebrew home to share with the family. I will be driving in the car for about 5 hrs or so and was wondering if i should chill the beer ahead of time or if i should just bring the beer warm (not previously put in the fridge) and...
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    Old yeast starter?

    I made a larger starter (6 cups water/1.5 cup dme) with a vial if white labs 01. The yeast had been previously frozen :-( so I didn't know if the starter would even take off. I made the starter 7 days ago and didn't see an signs if fermentaton. I decided to just leave it and 2 days ago I looked...
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    AHS Belgian Trippel

    I started this extract brew three weeks ago and had an original gravity of 1.082. It had a very violent fermentation so i didn't think i was going to have any problems with this batch, but after checking the gravity yesterday it was still above 1.020. It has been fermenting at about 75 deg the...
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    same batch, bottles taste different

    Hey all, Brewed an IIPA on 6/7 - og 1.082 - fg 1.019 - it has been in bottles for 3 weeks and put some in the fridge this weekend. I had a few yesterday (yes i know they should have been in the fridge longer). I lived the first one i tried but then almost every other bottle i opened tasted...
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    Belgian Beer starter

    Brewing a Belgian beer for the first time (og 1.082), so three days ago i made a starter (wyeast 3787) with 1 pint water per 1/2 cup of dme. I let that sit (stirring it up when i could) for the day and then the next day I added another batch of 1 pint water to 1/2 cup dme. Last night i put it in...
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    saving yeast

    I know there is a thread about how to wash yeast properly, but unfortunately I opted for the lazy mans way of saving yeast and before i go and use the yeast and ruin a batch i wanted to hear your thoughts on if the yeast will still be good. Once i racked the beer from the primary, i dumped...
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    Double IPA and Yeast washing questions

    I have a Double IPA from NB that had an OG of 1.084 and after 3wks the primary it is at 1.020 - I was hoping to transfer this to my secondary for another month before bottle because I want to free up my carboy for another batch (gotta keep that pipeline full) but i didn't know if you guys...
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    yeast cake shake

    I currently have a pale ale (Wyeast #1056) with an OG of 1.045 that has been in the better bottle primary for 2wks and reached its FG of 1.012. I was planning on racking it to a secondary tonight and brewing up a batch of IIPA that calls for the same yeast and has an OG of 1.083 and pouring the...
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    forgot some hops

    I just discovered after cleaning up my first time making wort that i didn't add all of the hops that the extract kit called for and i'm wondering how my beer will end up and if i should dry hop with the forgotten hops. Here is the recipe i was following. the hops i forgot to add were 1oz of the...
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    corked beer bottles

    Can the belgian style ale bottles be used for any brews? I am brewing an ESB right now as my first foray into brewing and have been saving bottles from a hodgepodge of beer that I have been drinking. I want to bottle into larger (22oz) size bottles and I have a few chimay bottles that I was...