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    Gravity on my porter after 7 days

    is 1.020. The OG was 1.054. Its either stopped bubbling or its so slow that I dont notice it. Should I go ahead and rack to secondary or let it sit more? I dunno, 1.020 seems kinda heavy. Thats not even 5%. I was hoping it would be more. It was a very aggressive fermentation. You might...
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    Hey DIY'ers!

    Anyone ever made their own kitchen cabinets? SWMBO and I want to update our kitchen without selling our souls to Satan. We're buying some nice Brazilian Teak flooring for the mid-level of our tri-level home that will extend into the kitchen. Problem is, our cabinets are crappy and not even...
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    Anyone know where I can get a 20mm conversion kit for a Glock?

    I dont think the 10mm is enough fire power for me anymore :D
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    Scrubbing the inside of a carboy

    Usually, I just rinse the carboy out really well right after use. Then when I go to use it in the future, I just rinse it good and sanitize. Well, im starting to get some rings of residue around the top. Needs a good scrubbing. What do you guy's use to scrub the inside?
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    Clarifying agents

    Is there anything I can throw into secondary along with my brew to help clarify it a little? The following brew is in primary now (8th day). Just took a gravity reading and it is REALLY cloudy. Looks just like Blue Moon. Malts: 7# Pale LME 3/4# Corn Sugar Grains: 1# Marris...
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    Official HBT Funny GIFs/pics thread

    I love collecting these. Post your funny gifs/pics. Here's a few of mine. Nothing really funny bout this one...
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    Dry yeast and starters

    Are starters just for liquid yeast?
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    Need some advice from the married folks

    I know I havent been around this board that long and dont really know anyone but I need some advice. My wife and I have been happily married for about a year and a half now. She likes to travel. I dont mind traveling so much but its not a requirement for me. If we go on a road trip or...
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    First time re-using yeast

    Hi. I brewed the following batch yesterdy: 7# Pale LME .75# Corn Sugar 1# Maris Otter .125# Aromatic .75# British LT Xstal 1oz. Northdown @boil 1oz Challanger @30 1oz Progressive @50 The yeast I used was harvested from secondary a week ago. White Labs British Ale yeast. The problem is...
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    Fuller's ESB

    Anyone have an extract (w/ specialty grains) recipe for this clone? I tried this at the local pub and it quite possibly may replace Dogfish 60 as my favorite.
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    Re-using yeast

    I bottled up a batch today. Thought I would try re-using the yeast that had settled into the bottom of the secondary. So I poured it into a smaller jug, labeled and dated it and threw it in the fridge. Is that all I need to do? How long will it last?
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    Moose Drool and Odelle's IPA...

    ...are the ****. That is all.:drunk:
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    So Ive been looking at the recipes here...

    and they all seem to be either partial mash or all grain. FYI, I dont what partial mash means, but I dont think its extract brewing, which is the peak of my skill level at the moment. Are there any good recipes here that are extract?
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    How do you up the alcohol content?

    Seems like most home brew kits, if done correctly, give you ~5%. How do breweries get their alcohol content higher? For example, Dogfish's 60 min IPA is 6%. Their 90 min IPA is 9%! I would like to have more control over that parameter.
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    How's my gravity?

    Third batch, porter. Heres the recipe: Malt: 8lbs Amber ME Grains: 3/2 lbs dark xstal malt 1/2 lbs Black Paten Malt 1/2 lbs Chocolate Malt Hops: 1oz Chinook @boil 1/2 oz Cascade @ 30 1/2 oz Cascade @ 50 Yeast: London Ale OG was 1.054. Sound about right?
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    Rigging a blowoff

    The part where you terminate the blow off tube in a solution of sanitizer. The only sanitizer I have is clorox. Should I use vodka instead?
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    My airlock exploded!! Help!

    I come home from work today and the lid of my primary is bulged out and there's yeast and gunk inside the airlock. This is my third batch (a porter). I brewed it up yesterday (Sunday). What went wrong and what do I do? Here's the recipe: Malt: 8lbs Amber ME Grains: 3/2 lbs dark xstal...
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    How to store syrup malt extract

    Room temp or refrigerator? I may boil it up tomorrow but its possible it wont happen till next weekend.
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    My second ESB

    My second batch is an ESB. Been in primary for 5 days now. Malt: 7lbs Light malt extract syrup Specialty Grains: 3/4 lbs British light crystal malt 1/4 lbs Special B Malt Hops: 1 oz Northdown @ boil 1/2 oz Fuggle @ 30 min into boil 1/2 oz...
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    Killian's Irish Red

    Anyone know where I can find that recipe? A kit would be great. The search function doesnt seem to work too well here.