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    Multi-step starter and yeast generation count

    Hi guys, A quick question for you. Let's assume that generation 0 is the initial generation of a fresh yeast package. If I do a two-step starter and then harvest some yeast, is the yeast harvested generation 1 or generation 2 yeast? Thanks, PL
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    Troubleshooting: Frozen beer in fermenter

    Hi everyone, I have messed up. I use a freezer with an Inkbird ITC-308 to control my fermentation temperature. Instead of plugging my freezer to the ITC, I have plugged it directly to the outlet. Don’t ask me why… I just did. I left for the weekend and when I came back, my batch was frozen...
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    Thickness of silicone tubing

    Hi gang, I have just purchased a wort pump to transfer wort on the hot side (Blichmann riptide). From the research I have done, it seems that 1/2'' ID silicone tubing is the way to go. But I haven't found anything clear on OD and pressure rating. The last thing I want is a tube full of hot...
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    Stopper and beer oxydation

    Hi gang, I am doing research on the factors that could impact beer oxydation after fermentation. So far, I have been able to get interesting info about the use of HDPE bucket vs PET carboy. But I have stumble on a thread where a guy stated that stoppers are also a contributor to oxydation. That...
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    Blichmann beer gun and residual CO2

    Hi guys, Short question for which I have difficulty to find an answer : I am doing pressurized fermentation at about 10-12 PSI and I am using the blichmann beer gun to transfer the beer directly to the bottle. I need to reduce the pressure to 5 PSI just before bottling to avoid excessive...
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    My airlock exploded !!!

    Hi, I have experienced something for the first time today. My fermentation was so strong that my airlock exploded. I knew how to deal with with ... I have connect a vinyl tubing to my airlock and put the end of the tube under water. Problem solved :) But it got me thinking. This is always a...