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    Allergic to beer?

    I think I may have an allergy to beer. For some reasons, certain varieties always give me a headache, even before the first bottle is done (case in point: Pete's Wicked Ale). Most varieties don't, however. Anyone care to speculate as to what might cause it? My guess is something in the...
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    Finally found a red ale

    I got rather sick of only being able to drink red ale that I make (ended up being way too dry), and I just don't like lagers all that much, so I went on a quest to find a red ale. Found one tonight. Retro Red Ale (or some such thing). A bit hoppier than I'm used to, but goes down like liquid...
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    Great pub in central Iowa

    If you're ever in Ames, IA, you have to visit Olde Maine Brewing Co. Great beer, great food. Beer is very reasonable, food is very high. Plus, if you join the Beer Enthusiasts Union, you get 25 oz mugs for $3, free beer every time a new batch is released, and 10% rebate on food. No, I don't...
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    Too much yeast

    A while back I brewed with a yeast that's far too strong, and so it didn't die out during fermentation. Now I have a case and a half of beer that causes loose bowel movements. While I'd prefer not to pour it down the drain, I don't care to drink it. Is there anything I can do to kill off...
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    reaching HIGH proof?

    I tried to run a high proof ale, but apparently I went wrong. How much sugar would you need to get a batch to ~20% ABV (yeast permitting)? Any other techniques I should know about? This would be the yeast in question Thanks.
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    Not flocculating

    My batch from hell refuses to flocculate. I'd rather not chew my beer before swallowing it, and I'm scheduled to bottle this weekend. Any ideas how to get more residue out of solution before I bottle? Thanks.
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    This can't be ready for secondary, can it?

    The bubbling has stopped (since this morning), and the level in the air lock is almost equal on both sides. Primary began late Saturday night. I ran a high gravity yeast, so I'm not sure how that would change times/rates. So, 2 questions: 1.) Is it ready to rack? 2.) Should I throw in some...
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    First experiment with grain and a question

    I'm making a rather heavy batch this time around, using a high gravity yeast, to try and get it as close to shine as possible, while still being legal (I was bored and it seemed like a good idea at the time). Well, I was using a triple-clad pot, which heats quickly and cools slowly. I won't...
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    Using expired yeast....having trouble

    My yeast was dated Nov 2005, so it's a bit old. I'm running 2 batches, started Saturday night, which as of this morning are just barely bubbling. One is really slow, the other is at 1/10 the speed (really bad, here). Any tips on how to speed it up? Should I let them ferment longer? Advice...
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    Is this normal?

    Sampled my beer after it had been bottled a couple weeks--fantastic: complex, palatable, slight hints of fruit. 2 months later: Dry as toast, bitter, tastes rather awful. Any ideas what I should do? The recent bottles have been refrigerated for some time. I don't know if that changes...
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    Finally joined the club

    Cracked open a couple bottles from my first batch of homebrew. A bit drier than I would have liked, but definitely more refined than Budweiser. I think I have an addictive hobby now.
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    new brew?

    I want to try something unorthodox, so I'm looking for something else to ferment. I'm considering a basis of coconut milk, but seeing as how that can be a bit high, I'm wondering what else is out there. Anybody have a recommendation for a new brewing idea (can be beer or wine, doesn't matter...
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    Advice for a first all-grain batch?

    Seeing as how I can get grain for 85 cents a pound, versus $3 and change on extract, I'm wondering just how difficult it would be to go from extract to grain. Assume that I know nothing about the process (this will save all of us a great deal of embarassment). That being said, can anyone give...
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    I need help.....lots of it

    I'm a first timer at brewing (and to this forum), and seem to have made a few errors in my procedure. Hopefully someone can help me out on these. Both batches are taking place at present. Batch 1 is in secondary, 2 is in primary. Both are for ales. Batch 1 Just racked it yesterday...