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    Bru'n Water full volume calculation

    Been using Bru'n Water pretty successfully with a three-vessel fly sparge setup. I usually get pretty close with the predicted numbers. Giving BIAB a try again. Never did water chemistry adjustments when doing BAIB in the past (new house, new water, using pure RO water now). Question: If I...
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    Debittered Black / Blackprinz in Bru'n Water

    Calculating for tomorrow's brew day.. Never used debittered Black malts before. Should I treat it as a roasted malt on the spread sheet?
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    Contactor hum

    How much hum is normal? Using the 120V coil Packard contactors from Auber. Everything works fine, just a bit of a hum to them.
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    50A Panel Wiring Check

    @doug293cz - Before I get too head over heels into this, are there any issues with this diagram (copied from another post on this forum). Not labeled on the diagram, but I'm assuming 6AWG for the larger feed wires. Also, is the CN-PBC402-120V contactor acceptable? (spec'd for 50A resistive SMPS...
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    Question about element firing lamp

    @doug293cz - In this wiring diagram (using a DSPR120 instead of 320), does the element firing lamp flicker on and off rapidly as the Aubur is sending the signal? (In mash and/or boil mode) Or is it more of a steady illumination?
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    Check Me

    Brewing in the morning. 100% RO water. The baking soda is throwing me... Does this look right?
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    Lactic acid's effect on fermentation

    Wodering if lactic acid could cause a high final gravity reading? Used some for the first time and I had a batch come out with a real high FG reading. What would normally be 1.010 for this beer came out at 1.030. The acid is the only thing I did different on brew day, and for the fermentation...
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    New RO brewer

    Local brewery is doing an interactive brew and has shared the homebrew recipe. Sweet!! I want to brew this as my first batch using RO water this weekend. Have always just used tap water at my old house and things came out pretty well. I've played with the Bru'n Water sheet some, tried the...
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    New house. Super hard water. Finally got around to doing the Ward test. We do have a water softner, but I provided the water sample to them from a pre-softner sample. Been playing with the Palmer spread sheet and Brewer's Friend water calculator, but looking for some general advice on if this...
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    MFL Washers

    Do you use these when you are making a metal to metal connection? I bought my CO2 system used and the P.O. didn't have any of them on the metal connections (swivel nuts to the MFL valves on the manifold). I don't seem to have any gas leaks anywhere. Tank has been holding pressure just fine for...
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    Bottle vs Keg taste

    Guessing this question has been asked a million times. Didn't see an answer in a quick search here though. Sorry if this is redundant. Been brewing a couple of years. All grain BIAB and bottle conditioning. Made a bunch of changes at one time. In making the switch from bottling to kegging the...