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    The whole nine yards

    SOLD THANKS EVERYONE Stimulate the economy. Selling all my beer brewing equipment. Everything you need to make award winning all grain or extract brews.( won first and second place at the Orange County Fair with this equipment). Good condition. 2- corny kegs 1- dual gauge regulator 1-...
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    Advise for Ordinary bitter

    Just racked my Ordinary bitter to the keg. I want to keep the volume of CO2 low, for this style right? What is everyone else doing? I was thinking 1 volume, but when I plug this in for my temp (40 F) I am already over the amount of needed PSI. I figure I will just put enough pressure to...
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    Alaskan Amber

    I got interested in brewing an Alt bier, but had never tried one. The only commerical one Bevmo has is Alaskan Brewing Co. Amber. Anyone know how close this is to a real Alt? It tastes pretty good to me. I will have to go check my other beer source and see if they have any other Alt bier...
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    Bernzomatic O2 cylinders

    What size and type of thread are on these cylinders? I was just toying with the idea of building a DIY regulator for one of these cyliders. I can get an O2 reg, but the connection is for an "E" size medical oxygen cylinder. If I can replace that connector, with one that mates to a bernzomatic...
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    Volume of 5 gallon keg

    Has anyone measured the exact voume that will fit into a corny keg? I was trying to make some gallon marks on my new kettle, and I thought that the keg would be a good thing to use for a 5 gallon marker. Seem to me that a 5 gallon corny holds less then gallons. So how much beer are we...
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    Water and pH5.2

    So I have been reading Palmer and am now nice and confused!!! I question is if you use pH5.2, I understand that your mash pH will be correct. What about all the other minerals that make up a your water and contribute to a beer style. For example, you have hard water and you brew up a Pilsner...
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    AG Blonde ale advice

    Putting together another blonde ale. Last one was extract. 5 gallon recipe all grain 8 # 2 row .5 # honey malt 0.5 oz sterling hop 60 min 0.25 oz sterling 20 min 0.25 oz sterling 5 min Nottingham or US -05 yeast Single infusion 154 for 60 min - ?? Now the question, I was...
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    Dip tube position

    Where is the proper place for the bottom of the dip tube to be positioned. I have it centered at the bottom of the keg right now, but was thinking that with the bottom of the corny being concave, it might be better to have it up against th bottom wall, letting all the sediment fall to the...
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    Why doesn't mine taste like this?

    I just drank a bottle of Weihenstephaner hefe weissbier. Both of my AG hefe beers did not have as great of a flavor. The first was kinda a total flop, because I missed my OG , so it was a bit watery. The second taste better, but it just did not taste or smell like the good German brands...
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    Just ordered my system!

    JUst put an order in to keg connection for one of their basic setups! SWMBO's b-day gift to me:rockin: I searched around and they seemed to be fair on the price , and everyone here seem happy with them. My LHBS was out of kegs and was not going to be any cheaper. Looking forward to...
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    Keg size

    Can someone measure their 5 gallon keg for me, including valve and hose hieght?? I believe the height is about 26 inches? I want to make sure that I have enough height in the fridge with all the plumbing to stand up a keg. Doesn't matter if it is pin or ball lock, I don't own any yet...
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    sanitizer amount

    Can some one tell me the amount of betadine to use for a no rinse sanitizer. I have 10% iodine concentration. This is not iodophor but betadine. I would make about a gallon at a time to sanitze my stuff. Thanks - Dirk
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    Thermometer calibration help

    I have an "beer and wine " mercury type thermometer, that came with a brewing kit. I checked the calibration and it seems off. I put it in a glass of ice water, from my fridge water dispenser, and it read 34 F, I checked the temp of some boiled tap water and it read 208 F. Seems strange...
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    cooler MLT idea

    I have a rectangular cooler that I want to use for a mash tun. It does not have a spigot built into it. I was going to drill a hole in the side to put a valve and SS braid, but I got to thinking:drunk: ......has any one ever tried to use a siphon technique to sparge. You could attach a hose...
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    Double check me before I brew

    Hey all, I want to brew a hefeweizen. Can someone check my calcs before I start? 5 gallon batch 5# German Pilsner 5# German wheat 1 oz HALLERTAU HERSBRUCKER Pellets WL 380 hefe weizen IV yeast Strike with 10 q at 169 F to mash for 60 minutes at 152 F Batch sparge twice...
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    Heffeweizen yeast

    Can someone school me on the different types wheat yeast ?? I am mainly interested in brewing a traditional Bavarian Heffeweizen. Thanks - Dirk
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    Cold conditioning in Fridge?

    Is a refridgerator too cold of a place to cold condition a beer while it is clearing in the secondary?
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    What's in my brew???

    I notices tonight that my bottles have some floaties in them. Look like salt speck that are stuck to the side of the bottle up by the neck , just underneith the fluid level. I also noticed some other stuff floating in the beer itself....looked a bit fuzzy, little specks...kind of hard to tell...
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    DME, honey malt & hops

    So I have 3 pounds of light DME, 1 pound honey malt and 2 OZ Spalt 4.5% AA. I am going to use these in a 3 gallon batch to pour on top of a yeast cake(white labs German ale) I have. I was going to do a full boil of 3.5 gallons of h2o. First question is how much of the honey malt should I...
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    What next ?

    I have a extract Kolsch (Reissdorf from Austin HBS) in primary now. I need some ideas on what I can pour onto the yeast cake after it is done. The yeast is White labs German Ale/Kolsch. I would like something simple and quick. I want to have something to tap into while my Kolsch is cold...