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  1. J

    Hops flocculation/Dry hopping

    Hi! I have a small conical fermenter for about 15 gal. I do not have the ability to cold crash beer in my conical. I transfer my beer in a closed system directly to keg. The issue is when I dry hop my beers I am getting my line clogged with hop particles. Is there any way to make hops flocculate...
  2. J

    Chinook/Cascade Pale Ale

    Hey Everyone, So recently I brewed a Pale Ale using Chinook and Cascade. Aiming for OG of 1.070 and FG of 1.014. This is the recipe I used for 10 gal Grains: 94% 2 Row Pale Ale 6% Caramunich II Hop Schedule 2.1 oz of Chinook @ 60 min 1 oz of Cascade @ 30 min 1.5 oz of Chinook @ 15...