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  1. Calfj60

    Building a Home Brew & Pub Setup

    Great job!
  2. Calfj60

    A simple digital Taplist solution

    Thank you
  3. Calfj60

    Brew Pub Glass Display

  4. Calfj60

    DIY Basement floor

    I am super happy with my LVP floor
  5. Calfj60

    Future Brewery Idea Thread

    Looks awaesome!
  6. Calfj60

    Ground Up Brew Room Build

    Looks awesome, looking forward to more updates. What’s on the other side of the old window?
  7. Calfj60

    Flat Broke Brewing finds a home....

    Wow I’ve lost track of time on this project. Sorry with the lack of updates. Finally back at it, doing the floor and finishing all the stuff I did as mock up and proof of theory.
  8. Calfj60

    Show Us Your Beer Glass Display

    Here is my set up
  9. Calfj60

    Wtb grain mill Ohio

    I’ve got a older JSP in Nebraska. 40 plus the ride
  10. Calfj60

    4 pint glasses- you pay the ride

    They have found a new home, thanks
  11. Calfj60

    4 pint glasses- you pay the ride

    I've got 4 pint glasses to whoever would like them. Just pay shipping, they all should fit in a medium flat rate box. They will be coming from 68064
  12. Calfj60

    New 7cuft Industrial Keezer Build

    Take it from a guy who put the towers to far back. Double check the comfort before making the holes.
  13. Calfj60

    Flat Broke Brewing finds a home....

    Finally got motivated today, and did some work in the brewery. Lots of little projects but this one I’ve been waiting to do and am now happy to share.
  14. Calfj60

    Missouri Selling all equipment: eBIAB, Keezer, Kegs, a whole lot more

    Interested in the keezer, heck it’s only a ten hour round trip
  15. Calfj60

    Cleaning house - Omaha

    Kegs are sold but propane stuff is still available. Make an offer
  16. Calfj60

    WTB Perlick 525ss

    Got them today, thank you sir!!
  17. Calfj60

    The Electric Brewery

    Found my issue, wrong parts from a kit I bought in 2016
  18. Calfj60

    Cleaning house - Omaha

    Back from the dead
  19. Calfj60

    30A 250VAC DPDT 220VAC Coil

    So the kit I bought for my brew panel included these and I need the 110-120 volt ones. Say 50 bucks shipped? For three of them