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  1. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    No, I just roasted them.
  2. Lcasanova

    Brewing up a Gluten Free Beer this weekend- anyone else?

    Sorry to hear that but I know what you mean. Although I always liked the ones I brewed, except for the experimental pumpkin flavor extract ones. Ever made an oaked sweet cider?
  3. Lcasanova

    Brewing up a Gluten Free Beer this weekend- anyone else?

    Yes- of course I am bringing this thread back from the dead! I've gotta say, I've been away from this for quite some time but I really need to get back into it. Looks like there are quite a few new names on here that I didn't see a few years ago. So- what's everyone brewing now a days?
  4. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    I've used chocolate and pumpkin extract with success, but they were both extracts that you can't get in stores. I did get my beans from Midwest, and IMO they were pretty cheap. The only problems I seemed to have was that the siphon kept getting stuck! Figuring out the extract on a 5 gallon...
  5. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free American Brown Ale

    It's been such a long time since I re-brewed this that I couldn't tell you. It might have had something to do with the IBU's but I don't remember. It has turned out great every time though. Once I'm through my pipeline this one will definitely be one I brew again...hopefully soon.
  6. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    I can't remember exactly what I did but I've done this two different ways. -I've just dropped the crystals in -I've dissolved them in warm water then racked on top... I couldn't say which is the "correct" way, but just go with your guy, I'd say
  7. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    This was a partial boil that was diluted up to 5 gallons.
  8. Lcasanova

    need vanilla porter receipe

    Have any of even made a porter? Or something that qualifies as one by the standards? I put one of my American Brown Ales on vanilla and it turned out great.
  9. Lcasanova

    Need thoughts on Blue Moon GF Clone

    How'd this turn out? The Wicked Messenger Wit in my drop down was my GF version of Blue Moon for my dad
  10. Lcasanova

    Help please! GF stout syrups

    A few things I've noticed trying to get a darker beer- use blackstrap molasses but be prepared for the flavor to come through as you increase the amounts. On ony of my re-brews of American Brown Ale I increased the blackstrap, the resulting flavor is more akin to chocolate. Adding cocoa...
  11. Lcasanova

    GF Orange

    I was worried about that once, but not so much any more. Mine are in the basement on the floor so nothing will get ruined besides the box they are in :)
  12. Lcasanova

    GF Orange

    +1- drinking this one young is fantastic! Good work and great changes.
  13. Lcasanova

    steeping grains

    In the american brown it's probably the blackstrap molasses Now that tax season is over, I'll probably work my way through the stock pile I have before brewing again...might take a while since it's about 8-9 cases of GF home brew :drunk:
  14. Lcasanova

    steeping grains

    I don't get it all the time either and like you- I've used sorghum in almost all of the beers I've made. My favorite thus far is my american brown and I don't taste the sorghum at all
  15. Lcasanova

    GF fruit beer

    I wouldn't toast it either :)
  16. Lcasanova

    GF fruit beer

    I use a baking sheet when I toast my grains. I start my oven at the lowest setting and increase 25 degrees every 30 minutes or so until I get the color I want. Rinse the grains first. Usually when I roast my grains I let them waft for a week or 2 but I think if you are doing a light "toast"...
  17. Lcasanova

    GF fruit beer

    I did a blood orange hefe around this time last year and it came out nice. Blood oranges should be in your area since they are in mine. I get them from Whole Foods.
  18. Lcasanova

    is there a Gluten free beer kit available

    Why don't you just post everything on here?
  19. Lcasanova

    Malting Gluten Free Grains

    Adventuresome- while you might not like the taste of extract, I think you will find starting with extract to be rewarding and it will help you familiarize yourself with the brewing process. I don't know if too many commercial examples use a blend of brown rice syrup and sorghum syrup, but I'd...
  20. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Wicked Messenger Wit

    Use this calculator It will get you what you need in table sugar OR corn sugar