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  1. lurker18

    How to use tea bags for tannins

    Going to be finishing my first cider in the next few days when I get some time, need to back sweeten a little and add some tannins. Going to be adding cherry juice for the back sweetening, as it is a sour cherry cider, and will be kegged so hopefully if there is some secondary fermentation...
  2. lurker18

    Finishing up first cider, what to do now?

    First cider is finished primary fermentation, didn't get as low as would have likes, stopped at 1.014 from 1.048 using S-04, but good enough. Used fresh pressed cider apple juice from a cidery, and added about a gallon of sour cherry juice, pressed from my own trees after freezing for several...
  3. lurker18

    First time using Omega yeast. Slow start?

    I tried one of the Omega funk blends this weekend. Made 3 5 gallon batches all pitched with different sour strains, all pretty similar OG 1.049 to 1.060. There were no starters built for any yeast, but the two Wyeast blends were chugging away within 12 hours. The Omega blend has yet to make a...
  4. lurker18

    When to add frozen fruit???

    Brewed up a Flanders Red all grain last weekend, pitched 1 pack of Roselaire blend and it is chugging away quite nicely right now. Went in at 1.064, not really concerned abut what it gets down to right now. Big question is when and the best practice to add frozen whole sour cherries. I plan...
  5. lurker18

    Robobrew V3 question, batch size

    Looking strongly at picking up a 5 gal Robobrew V3, I know it maxes out at 5 gal batches, but how small can it go? I am the only beer drinker in the house and like the idea of half or quarter batches so I am not sitting on so much volume. Wondering if it needs to be run full or can it get...
  6. lurker18

    Brewing with raw Durum wheat, anyone try this?

    I have access to durum wheat and would like to try a brew with close to 50% raw durum and 50% base malt, maybe a few percentages of something thrown in for help. Just wondering if anyone has tried brewing with durum. I know it is a much harder kernel than red or white wheats that are normally...
  7. lurker18

    4 SMaSHes from one mash

    I am planning to do 4 2.5 gallon smashes from one mash and would like some advice. I have a chest cooler all grain setup, do batch spares. I will be using Maris Otter for the grain. I am planning to mash this a little warm, about 156 and spare with 170-175 rinse, then split it into 4 boils for...
  8. lurker18

    4 Smashes from one mash

    I am planning to do 4 2.5 gallon smashes from one mash and would like some advice. I have a chest cooler all grain setup, do batch spares. I will be using Maris Otter for the grain. I am planning to mash this a little warm, about 156 and spare with 170-175 rinse, then split it into 4 boils...
  9. lurker18

    Can beer lines be too long?

    I am having a hell of a time balancing my chest freezer keg. PSI set at 11 (older regulator, so that may be off), temp set at 4.5 C (40 F) with the temp probe hanging about middle of keg. The beer lines are about 8 feet long, and I am pretty sure they are 3/16, but may be 1/4. I am getting...
  10. lurker18

    Help with one feature of brewing software

    I know one of the programs (maybe more than one) will convert recipie size for you. What I am looking for is a program that I can enter a recipie in 5 gallons as most are published in this size, and then hit a convert button to get another size. I am getting interested in making smaller...
  11. lurker18

    Size of container for hops

    I am planning next year already. I have hops that will be in there 4th year next spring, and there are a few that need a trim back badly, so I am going to dig up and prune. What I would like to do is replant in plastic buckets to keep the spread to a minimum, as I have a few that are sending...
  12. lurker18

    Advise from England please

    Heading across the pond in April for a wedding, and will be spending 2 weeks in jolly old England. 3 days in Cawsand or Kingsand, 1 day in Plymouth, 3 or 4 days in Lyme Regis, and 3 or 4 days in London. What is a must see, with good beer attached, and are there any that I should avoid. I have...
  13. lurker18

    Back sweetening a sour in the keg

    Just kegged my first ever sour this past weekend. Brewed a Flanders Red recipie from Jamil's book, hit the numbers almost exactly like the book said. Aged for just shy of a year on Wyeast Roselaire only, no other yeast used. Tasted the hydrometer sample, and there is a definate sour tang to...
  14. lurker18

    Any issues for next year with hops?

    Just brewed with this past years hops and found what I think are seeds coming out of one of the varieties. For a note, this year was a terrible growing year in my area, with torrential rain all spring, and then no rain at all for the summer, with higher temperatures. I was not on top of things...
  15. lurker18

    Primary Fermentation in aluminum

    I got lazy yesterday and decided to try this. After the boil and cooling, I transfered into another older aluminum boil kettle (turkey fryer), to move back into the house so I could settle and then transfer into glass. I decided to just dump the yeast into the kettle and cover with tin foil...
  16. lurker18

    Using yeast collected through blowoff tube

    Just got through cleaning up the blowoff tube and growler, and there was a large amount of yeast settled to the bottom of the growler I use as the bubbler. Has anyone used this as a later pitch, like collecting the dregs, but sooner. I know it can be used in a chain from one fermenter to...
  17. lurker18

    Carbonation Caps?

  18. lurker18

    Wine Yeasts for beer making

    I just listened to an older episode of the Sunday Session,11-23-08, the guest was Shea Comfort and they were talking about using wine yeasts to brew beer, either full brews or blends with normal beer yeast. I was interested in the different characters that the strains gave. Unfortunatly I was...
  19. lurker18

    Can I leave Roeselare for the whole fermentation?

    Plan on starting my first sour this weekend, using JZ recipe for a Flanders Red. Going to be using Wyeast Roeselare for the souring. From what I read, going straight with that will produce a more sour beer, which is fine with me. Question is if I pitch the Roeselare right from the start...
  20. lurker18

    Wyeast 3763 vs 3278

    I want to start my first sour this weekend, and going through some recipies, I have targeted Jamil's Flanders Red. The recommendation in his book is the Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Blend, but Wyeast website recommends 3278 Belgian Lambic blend for the Flanders Reds. Anyone have an opinion which way...