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  1. gwood

    Solutions For Work Hardened Stainless?

    I Got a bit impatient tonight while drilling my keggles, now I've got one that just won't budge and I'm sure that it got too it's harder than all hell and my step bit seems powerless against it. I know...slow and cool, slow and cool... Is work hardening just at the surface level...
  2. gwood

    Another Layoff...

    A week after I was told that I was OK (after the first round of layoffs) I got the axe.
  3. gwood

    Potty Mouth Obama
  4. gwood

    Firestone 12

    So...I decide to head over to the local liquor store and see if I can find a sleeper and lo' and behold, a lone bottle of Firestone 12 was calling from the back shelf. Needless to say I picked it up quick and giggled all the way home...these have been hard to find here in LA for a while now...
  5. gwood

    Advice on Drying out a Saison

    I'm looking for some advice on how best to dry out my Saison. OG was 1.068 and I just measured my first reading ten days later at 1.020. I think that comes out to damn near 70% attenuation, which is good, but I'd like this thing to be bone dry. I used White Labs 565 (Saison I) which appears...
  6. gwood

    "Estery" Profile from 1056?

    I've used this yeast for pretty much all my pales and IPAs and I'm a bit confused. I just tasted a new IPA recipe that I did a few weeks ago and I swear it tastes like a belgian yeast profile. Is there any possibility that 1056 at 60-67F fermentation temps would put off fruity or clove like...
  7. gwood

    Route 66 IPA

    Picked this up from BYO and converted it to PM. I've adjusted to the hops I have on hand. I also have Chinook, Amarillo, and Simcoe available but was saving them for a big DIPA that is on deck. I tend to brew dry IPA's that are not all that malty and wanted to mix it up to get some more malt...
  8. gwood

    Stone's 12th Anniversary - Roll Call

    I'll be there with the SWMBO. Also attending the Lost Abbey brunch and a meet up at Pizza Port.
  9. gwood

    CA Residents - Russian River Sale

    Just an FYI - Russian River "found" a few cases of Temptation, Supplication, Beatification, Redemtion, Damnation, and Redemption. Damnation is an easy one...the others, not so much. Happy shopping for those willing to fork over a bit of coin for a chance to have some of these fine brews...
  10. gwood

    First Year Quality?

    What type of expectations should I have in terms of AAs and aroma properties from first year plants? I know that measuring AAs is tough but it's of little concern to me. More so than anything I guess I'm just wondering how much of an educated guess can I make with each first year strain...
  11. gwood

    Allagash Black?

    Had it yet? I just picked up a bottle of it and some Ola Dubh (12). Anybody have notes that we can compare when I crack these two?
  12. gwood

    Russian River - New Brewery Up and Running!

    Just got the email notice today in my inbox and I'm just tickled at the idea that Vinnie will be able to share more of his gift with the world. I implore those who haven't had a RR brew to seek them out. I know that it can be hard at times depending on where you are but it's worth the effort...
  13. gwood

    Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale

    Anybody seen this in Southern California? Anybody had it otherwise? I've been a fan of the harvest ales in the past (the 11th wet hop was awesome) and I'm looking forward to this one.
  14. gwood

    For Those Looking for Harder to Find Rhizomes

    Just a heads up for folks looking for Saaz, Hallertauer, or Perle (all seem to be harder to find IMO). Found this while looking around.
  15. gwood

    St. Rouge Red Clone?

    Man the dry hopped version is good. Anybody brewing a clone? EDIT: Found this as reference/comparison... 5 gallon batch 8 lbs. Pale Malt (I used Marris Otter) 1 lb. Munich Malt 1 lb. Crystal 10L 1.25 lb. Crystal 40L 1 lb. Crystal 80L Mashed at 154 degrees for 60...
  16. gwood

    Rust in my Keezer

    I just recently picked up a chest freezer that I'm running on a temp controller and I noticed a bit of rust on one of the corners at the base of the unit (on the inside). I assume that chest freezers aren't designed to handle the condensation that occurs when using a temp controller and I'm...
  17. gwood

    Size and Age of Rhizomes

    From what I gather, the larger and older any potential rhizome is, the better the chances for viable new shoots and the more likely one is to take in at least a decent harvest the first year. I know I'm speaking generalizations here, but this sounds right....right? Could this explain some of...
  18. gwood

    Interested in a Hop Rhizome Group Buy?

    I've been looking to get some dwarf variety rhizomes, particularly Summit. I've only found one grower and they don't sell rhizomes from what I've been told. I'd really really like to grow this hop this year, but alas. I was thinking though, money talks and if there were more interested...
  19. gwood

    Santiam Hops?

    Just wanted to see if folks have used them. Experiences? Thoughts? Suggestions?