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  1. DubBrew

    Best Digital Remote Thermometer

    Hey All, I need a recommendation. What temperature probe is everyone using? I've had a Maverick ET-73 for about a year and it crapped out today. It's range was far to limited for my needs (100 ft.) and I hate having to open the battery case to turn it on. What is everyone else using...
  2. DubBrew

    Kegerator Handle Help

    I'm working on my kegerator today and I'm trying to install a new handle on the fridge to connect the fridge door with the freezer door. I'd like to use this branch I have as a handle, but I'm not sure how to attach it. I don't really want to drill all the way through the door because the seal...
  3. DubBrew

    Coldspot fridge

    I need some feedback. I've been looking to turn a vintage fridge into a kegerator for a while now and have been on the lookout for one. I have found a running coldspot fridge in need of tlc. The guy wants $150 and won't take any less. Is this a good deal?
  4. DubBrew

    Shirron plate chiller

    I'm looking to sell my shirron plate chiller. It's been used less than six times and I kept it clean and sanitary after each brew. Works great but my new setup I just built is better suited for an immersion chiller. Asking $75 plus shipping...
  5. DubBrew

    Heading to Lincoln, NE

    I'm heading to Lincoln for work tomorrow for just one night. I may have some time in the evening to hit up a place or two. Staying near the university. I found an old thread from 2008, but was hoping to get some recent suggestions on the best places to great some interesting beers. Any...
  6. DubBrew

    Extract Brewing is still fun!

    I've been Brewing for several years now and all grain for some time. Last night I came home from work and made an extract batch with specialty grains with a friend in a few hours. It was awesome, quick, easy. Don't get me wrong, I love my all grain system and I'll be using it more often than...
  7. DubBrew

    mash tuns, Columbus, Ohio pickup

    SOLD... I have two mash tuns I'm looking to part with because I've moved to keggles. I will ship these if the buyer would like. 1. 10 gallon home depot orange drink cooler with Austin homebrew stainless false bottom. Needs ball valve. Asking $75. Midwest supplies puts a cheap brass valve on...
  8. DubBrew

    McMaster Carr QD's

    I have various McMaster Carr QD's and other brass items for sale: I added up the retail cost of all of these items and it totals $182 plus shipping so this could be a great deal for someone looking to add QD's. I'm looking to sell the whole lot. There are also all the parts needed to add...