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  1. tomwhit19

    Counterflow Chiller Plan

    I’m looking to upgrade my cooling method by switching from immersion chiller to a counterflow chiller and mainly just to save water so I’ve come up with a design and I’m wondering if anyone has tried this before and what are the pros and cons of it....picture attached
  2. tomwhit19

    Water Chemistry

    Never really paid much attention to water chemistry, always just used an RV filter but I just moved and I can definitely tell there is a huge difference in the water so I've attached a file with the charts that were in the most recent water report for my new town. Any input on what to add to the...
  3. tomwhit19

    plastic fermenter lifespan

    just curious if anyone has a recommended lifespan for plastic fermenters? i.e. the big mouth bubbler i only ask because i read awhile back about how plastic gets scratched and flavors can get trapped or absorbed into the plastic
  4. tomwhit19

    Lower FG than expected

    I currently have 2 beers in primary fermentation right now one a Winter Ale and the other an Irish Red. The winter ale is at day 10 of fermentation and the irish red is at day 4. I was taking a gravity sample of the winter ale and decided to take one of the irish red too, its early still i...
  5. tomwhit19

    Winter Ale secondary spice additions

    I currently have a winter style ale in primary fermentation. I am planning on transferring to a secondary in 10-14 days and letting it sit for at least 2 weeks before kegging. While in secondary I am going to be adding some spices to give it that festive spirit and my question is when adding...
  6. tomwhit19

    2 row and 6 row question

    So I went to my LHBS to pick some grains and hops for a upcoming brew day and it’s for the same beer I made about a month ago as well, which consists of 6 row and 2 row for base malt. The last time I picked up these grains they bagged and labeled Avery thing separate for me and his time when I...
  7. tomwhit19

    Cream Ale Review and Input Request

    Recently brewed a cream ale on 12/6 and just looking for some input and reviews of it 4# 6 Row 3# 2 Row 1.5# Flaked Corn 1# Carapils/Dextrine .5# Caramel30 .5oz Cascade 60min .5oz Cascade 20min 1oz Saaz Flameout/Steep Wyeast American Ale 1056 w/starter Est. OG - 1.048 Measured OG -...
  8. tomwhit19

    Brewhouse Efficiency

    Brewed a cream ale yesterday (12/10) and had a few firsts, but not necessarily bad firsts, it was the first time attempting to fly sparge (just used a strainer to pour sparge water through), was also the first time using a propane burner instead of the stove top and this is where lies my...
  9. tomwhit19

    ESB Aftertaste

    So i brewed a ESB and the final product is meh, the color is spot on, the upfront taste is fantastic and tastes exactly like an ESB, but the after taste is less than desirable, does anyone have an idea on what could cause this? The yeast used was Wyeast #1968
  10. tomwhit19

    yeast calculator vs beersmith

    so prepping for a brew day at the end of the week here and i head over to to get my numbers for my starter and just out of curiosity i ran the numbers through beersmith as well and well yeast calc is coming in at about 40 billion cells more than beersmith anyone ever come...
  11. tomwhit19

    Did My Starter Not Work???

    So I did my first yeast starter for an IPA I am planning on brewing today. Let it sit for 48 hours swirling it occasionally since i dont have a stir plate, put it in the fridge to crash cool it overnight, checked on it this morning and this is what it looks like. Is this okay? Im not sure it...
  12. tomwhit19

    IPA recipe feedback

    not sure if this is in the right spot but posting it here as im still in the beginning stages of homebrewing, i have 3 brews under my belt 2 extracts and 1 all grain which was a saison me and a nuddy put the recipe together for looking for some feedback on this ipa recipe i put together here...
  13. tomwhit19

    Stuck Fermentation? How to tell?

    I'm sure this question has been asked and answered a hundred times but I havent been able to find anything on here about it, still trying to figure out the site setup and search options I guess. Anyway I'm on my 3rd brew and has currently been in primary fermentation for a week today and...