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  1. Wingnutt73

    Where so you get your Stickers made?

    So a few friends and myself are serving our beer at a brewfest next month. We want to get stickers made for the logo we have but I'm not sure where I should get them done at. Have any of you done this if so where and what type have you gotten?I don't want to spend a bunch of money and get...
  2. Wingnutt73

    In Dallas

    Hey everyone in in Dallas for the weekend and was wondering what local brews to try and if there were any local breweries I needed to go to.
  3. Wingnutt73

    Did my yeast get to warm?

    So I place an order and had 2 all grain batches shipped to my house. I got liquid yeast and paid an extra $1.00 for a ice pack. Thing is they shipped it last Thursday. So I would say If the Ice pack lasted lets say 24 hours heck even 48 hours which there is no way cause it was HAWT as heck...
  4. Wingnutt73

    Going All Grain

    So I am taking the plunge into All Grain Brewing. Daddy came into some cash and I'm going for it. I do have a few questions however before I make the purchase on a MLT and a HLT. Do I need both? If not I could use the extra cash to get another keg setup. I am for sure going for a Cooler...
  5. Wingnutt73

    Nashville Predators Beer Fest

    Who's going to this? I already grabbed my tickets I had a blast last year. :rockin:
  6. Wingnutt73

    Happy National Home Brew Day!!!

    Have a home brew today to support the cause lol!!!! :mug:
  7. Wingnutt73

    If you could only drink 3 Beers for the rest of your life, What would they be?

    Not sure if this has been done Before or not but I was thinking what would I drink. Now My pallet my not be as advanced as some on here so don't bombard me with my "commercial" Beer choices. I love these 3 #1- Guinness #2- New Castle WereWolf #3- Boddingtons Pub Ale
  8. Wingnutt73

    All My Brews Taste the same

    So I have been brewing for roughly 2 years now. Extract for now. And Lately I have been noticing that all my batches regardless of Type all have the same taste. I cant explain it I Brewed a Pumpkin ale and my last batch was a Oatmeal Milk Stout and while they had their differences they also...
  9. Wingnutt73

    Pour out some home brew!?!?!?!?

    I just had a thought and wonder if has been thought of (or if anyone else has done this). So while I brew I have a few home brews right we all do I'm sure. It hits me What better way to pay respects to the craft brew I have in hand then to put a glass in my new batch!! Now that may be the...
  10. Wingnutt73

    First year Hops dont smell Hoppy.

    So I have 5 different plants all at different stages of growth (which i'm not to worried about). What I do have a question on is my best plant which is the "Zeus" Varity have a bunch of cones but they do not give off a hoppy smell. I figured with this type of hop and it being so high on the...
  11. Wingnutt73

    Roasting Barley at home?

    So I recently came in to a good deal make that the perfect Deal. I have someone that is willing to give me Barley for free. I'm talking they showed up with 15Lb's yesterday. My question is one how Do I roast this stuff at home? I assume I can just wondering about Temp and times for desired...
  12. Wingnutt73

    Adding Vanilla to Secondary

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has added Vanilla to their home brew. I tried this on one of my last batches and it turned out okay. But it did not get the flavor I was looking for. I added actual Vanilla beans to the secondary. Basically I split them in half to expose the inside and let the...
  13. Wingnutt73

    Whats your Homebrew Playlist?

    So I was thinking of the last time I Brewed a batch, and was missing the music that went along with it. Then it hit me. Am I the only one that listens to a certain type of music while I brew? Surley not. So here it is Ladies and Gents What is your Music of choice on Brew Day? I'll start it...
  14. Wingnutt73

    Re-using yeast?

    Okay so I have a 5gal batch brewing right now from last weekend. I am planning on starting another this weekend and moving the first to a secondary. I want to re-use the yeast from the first batch and was wondering if I need to wash it or can I just put the new batch on the yeast cake and let...
  15. Wingnutt73

    Kegerator Convertion

    Okay fellas, I have been looking into getting a Kegerator convertion kit and wanted your thought and or your own personal Experience with it. I have found what seems to be a great kit from Kegco and was wondering how the pros/cons of Kegging vs Bottling aside from the simple stuff like I can...
  16. Wingnutt73

    More Head?

    So I just finished up my Irish Red that I dry hopped and it turned out Great!! The taste is spot on great color the works. I am now at the spot where I am trying to fine tune things for next time and am wondering what I need to do to get a thinker more prononced head on this beer or any beer...
  17. Wingnutt73


    So I My Irish Red is done. I dry hopped it in a secondary for about 8 days bottled it and I am now able to enjoy it about 2-3 weeks later. Now during the Enjoying process I get gushers! Pop the cap take a sip, set it down and about a minute later if you are not paying attention foam running...