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    Tilt Pi for Tilt Hydrometer

    Hello, Has anyone ever setup a tilt pi app for a rasberry pi? Seemed straightforward enough but I seemed to have run into a dead end. Followed the tutorial for updating the SD card with Tilt Pi app including the setup file for the WiFi configuration and Cloud logging. The issue is that an...
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    Micro Matic Cask Breather

    A cask breather is utilized to extend the life of cask ale by replacing the head space with CO2 at atmospheric pressure. Can also be used to prevent oxygen suck back during cold crashing. These are are $120 new. Retest date says 2016 but it seriously was used once. Asking $75. Buyer pays...
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    Tri Clover Compatible Strainer/Filter - Original Design w/ 0.2 & 0.3mm filter nets - $50

    Excellent Condition. Paid $100 for the strainer new and $12 for the filter nets. Buyer pays shipping.
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    1.5" Tri Clover Compatible Tri Clamp Ball Valve- Quick Clean - $30

    Excellent Condition. Paid $48 new. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Brewers Hardware - 1.5" Tri Clover Compatible Ball Valve - $20

    Excellent Condition. Was $38 new. Buyer pays shipping.
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    BrewPi Fementation Chamber Build - A couple ?s

    Hi All, I thought I would track on this forum my 'brewpi build' using an upright 16.6 cubic foot freezer as the fermentation chamber in the hopes that I could get some feedback from the community here as well as help others with future builds. I currently use this freezer for temp control...
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    Romancing the Beer Homebrew Competition 2015

    Hello fellow Homebrewtalk Members! The Thousand Oaked Homebrewers are holding their 3rd Annual 'Romancing The Beer' Homebrew Competition on February 8 2015! This year there will be a dual Pro-Am with Institution Ale Company and The Lab Brewing Company (both located near Thousand Oaks...
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    Water Engineering for PA : AJs Water Primer based on Ward Lab Report

    Hi All, I'll be doing my first all grain within a week and couldnt resist jumping head first into water chemistry (for better or for worse). My Ward Labs Water Analysis was as follows : pH 7.7 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 272 Electrical Conductivity, mmho/cm 0.45 Cations /...