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  1. banesong

    Hoppy beer (commercial) age

    The question to ponder - How old is too old for commercial IPAs and pales? Saw a case of oskar blues yesterday for $17.99, but passed up on it because it was marked on 9/25/15. About a month and a half old. Too old? I have also passed up stuff bottled a month ago. Am I just a snob?
  2. banesong

    Belgium in a Box - DC area buy

    I have been playing with the thought of making a purchase from Belgium in a Box for a while now, but have been put off by the shipping costs. Is anyone interested in possibly getting together and making a largish group buy in order to get economies of scale towards shipping?
  3. banesong

    Fresh Roast SR500/700

    Has anyone used this roaster? Debating on moving from my current whirly pop method over to a slightly more sophisticated process. A number of folks in my club have one and like it.
  4. banesong

    Craft beer travel - Spain, Guam, Japan, Panama and Sint Maarten

    Over the course of the next month, I will be travelling to Spain, Guam, Japan, Panama and Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. I am looking for any recommendations of places to see/beers to try while there. Specific cities/areas I will be in include: - Yokosuka, Japan - Hagatna, Guam - Rota/Cadiz...
  5. banesong

    Aging beer on peaches

    Morning. I have an light American wheat that I brewed, with the objective of aging it on peaches. I targeted 5lbs of fresh picked peaches for 2.5 gallons, but am uncertain on the length of time that I should age it for. Suggestions?
  6. banesong

    Apfelwein and mold

    I have a small better bottle that I was finishing some apfelwein on some mulberries. Due to life, I let it ride longer than planned; and found that the fruit on top has molded. We had soaked the fresh picked berries in starsan, and the froze them. My current plan is to poke a hole in the...
  7. banesong

    How on god's green earth did I do this?

    I just brewed Jamil's Belgian Golden Strong Ale from Brewing Classic Styles. Basic recipe is 11lbs pilsener, 3lbs table sugar and 37ibs of Saaz hops (3oz @3aa for this batch, a bit low). My question is, how on god's green earth is my OG 1.130? I measured on a refractometer and hydrometer to...
  8. banesong

    Copper choice for Immersion Chiller

    Well, I have finally gotten fed up with the IC that I have for my keggle. It is a 3/8 homemade chiller, but I think it only has about 20' of tubing to it. It takes about 50 minutes to chill to pitching temp, even with a pre-chiller, when the ground water is above 80. I think that I am going...
  9. banesong

    What is this floating on my beer?

    I recently brewed a 10 gallon batch (really 8 gallons at a higher OG, but that is neither here nor there) of a Northern English Brown. Split the batch into two buckets, and checked it a week later. One bucket hit it's terminal gravity and was normal. The second bucket is matching the gravity...
  10. banesong

    kegging co2 pressure question

    So, I am borrowing a keg to bring brew to the AHA conference in June. This is the first time kegging, and am a bit concerned about the pressure instructions. According to Beersmith, to get 2.4 volumes of co2, I should set my regulator to 26.1. I am supporting the keg at 68°. This seems...
  11. banesong

    fermentation temperature

    Hello all. I just racked a beer over to secondary, and am a little worried about it's gravity. It it's currently sitting at 1.017. A brief background - this is my first all grain batch, and I converted a partial mash recipe that I have done many times. This us a small beer; target ABV is...
  12. banesong

    Unusual floaters

    Okay, I have been brewing for almost three years now, and have yet to post an 'am I infected' thread, so I guess it is about time. :drunk: I popped the top of my fermenter to check the progress and rack my low alcohol beer the other day, and was greeted by the sight in the (crappy/blurry)...
  13. banesong

    Priming 5L mini Kegs - Split batch

    Okay, given my lack of ninja searching skills, this has probably been asked and answered before, but.... :tank: I have one the party start mini 5L kegging setups, but have not thus far been very impressed. Given, however, that the setup is the closest I will get to kegging in the next few...
  14. banesong

    Have I busted my regulator?

    I was attempting to use my nice new carbonator cap today to replace my DIY version, and something strange happened. I turned on the gas and heard what could best be described as a staccato popping noise. It was coming from a nub the was between the two gauges on the regulator, which I assume...
  15. banesong

    Beer line nut size

    Recently purchased 3/16 beer line from Amazon, and the line came with a hex nut for keg couplers at one end. I have a regulator with a flare connection currently, but would like to use the attached hex nut from the line. Does anyone have an idea of what size the nut is? Item link...
  16. banesong

    Adding body to a low gravity beer

    I have been refining a very low gravity (1.034 or so) beer that I really love - it almost tastes like a 3% IPA. At this point, the only real complaint that I have is that the beer is lacking in body. After tasting some oatmeal stouts, I was wondering if adding a quarter or half a pound of...
  17. banesong

    Automatically marking forums read

    When I visit HBT and then close the window in my browser (or close the app or navigate away from HBT, etc) all forums get the unread status reset; this means I can't come in and view a single sub forum as a breather at work without losing the unread status on the rest of the site. Is there a...
  18. banesong

    Low efficiency, or how my mash temperatures sucked

    Okay, just brewed my christmas cookie stout partial mash yesterday and missed my OG by 8 points (estimate of 1.058, hit 1.050). I realize that this is probably due to my temperature dropping to 145 at the end of the mash period (last 15 minutes). My questions are as follows: - In the...
  19. banesong

    Bottles: Perpetually low carbonation

    Okay, this is probably the 1,000,001 thread on this topic, but I can't seem to hit adequate carbonation in my bottles. I have bottled many different styles (american amber, cream ale, heffeweisen, bock, etc), and all of them seem to be seriously low in the carbonation department. Some...
  20. banesong


    Okay, I am getting ready to take the plunge and put a thermometer in my brew kettle, but am kind of stumped. I currently don't weld, and am a bit leery of putting a weldless valve on the BK. That being said, I have run across, which seems fairly legit. The problem is that...