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    3 Hurricane Burners

    Items were sold. Thank you.
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    False Bottom for 20/25 kettles

    Item Sold, no longer aval.
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    Bare SS Brew Stand

    Item has been sold. thank you Updated. I have sold the castors and control panel. The price now is reduced to 400.00 bare, 500.00 with burners. I just dont have the money to finish it. Every time I almost complete a stand, something major comes up. I will just accept the fact I will...
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    Polished Stainless Steel Brew Stand and Pots

    Polished Stainless Steel Brew Stand and Pots. It is made of 1.5” X .063 square stainless tubing, all professionally tig welded and fabricated by a local stainless steel master. This sculpture looks like a piece of art work. Sanded down to fine grit, and then polished 2 times to a mirror...