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    Ward Labs Report...Now what should I do to my water?

    All, Here are the results of my Ward Labs report. FWIW, the sample I sent to them was water I collected after it ran rather "slowly" through my 10" water filter kit. Since I've lived here, most of my brews have finished with a somewhat astringent or harsh hop flavor that I most certainly...
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    Ward Labs water sample question

    All, I'd like to send a sample of my home's water to Ward Labs for testing. My question is: should I send a sample of pure tap water or a sample that I run through the micron filter I use for brewing? Thanks in advance
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    Saison fermentation question...

    So, I brewed a saison (white labs french saison yeast) and the recipe tells me to pitch the yeast at 65 and then ramp up to 75 over 48 hours - I've done this. My question is, for the remainder of fermentation do I leave it at 75 or do I cool this down? Thanks in advance
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    Help please! Metal/Cardboard aftertaste without oxidation?

    Hi guys, The last three beers I've brewed have all had this metal/cardboard aftertaste. This is really frustrating as I've taken what I believe are all the necessary steps to avoid oxidizing the beer. The only time the beer is moved/shaken substantially is right before/after pitching the...
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    Beach Brewing or O'Connor Brewing for Port Wipeout IPA

    I have Beach Brewing's Hoptopus or O'Connor Black Dismal IPA for Port Brewing's Wipeout IPA. PM me, thanks!:mug:
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    One Day Only Airlock Activity - Too Much Pumpkin?

    Hello all, I brewed a pumpkin ale (extract) on Sep. 7 and didn't see any airlock activity until Sep. 9. On Sep. 9 there was mild airlock bubbling and then it discontinued on the morning of Sep. 10 (approx 10 hours or so). I modified my extract kit by adding two cans of 30 oz. pumpkin...
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    Did I underpitch?

    Hello, I did a pumpkin ale (extract kit; 5 gallons) and added some extra pumpkin, dark brown sugar and molasses. My OG came in at 1.072, I pitched 2 vials of WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast (assuming it would be enough). I wasn't expecting my OG to be so high, otherwise I would have pitched...
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    Ranco 2 Stage Controller

    Looking for a Ranco 2 Stage Controller. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
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    1/2 - 1 Gallon of Blowoff Water Sucked into Carboy

    Hey guys, I've read a few articles where people people who experienced the same thing suggested that their beer was infected and others where things were fine. That said, I didn't notice any thread where this high volume of water was sucked back into the carboy. So, I allowed my stout...
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    Major Air/Siphon/Bubbles During Bottling?! :(

    Hello All, Just wanted to see what the board thought of the possibility of my pale ale being completely oxidized. Long story short, the majority of the things during the brew process went extremely well until tonight. Well, during bottling the wand/hose/bucket seemed to get an extreme...
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    Not satisfied with the OG...

    So, I made the Brewer's Best Imperial Pale Ale kit which suggests an OG of 1.081-1.085. After shaking the snot out of the carboy before finally pulling my sample, hydrometer read 1.064. So, my questions is, can I boil about 3 lbs of LME in about a quart of water, chill it, and then add it...
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    Do I have an infection?

    2 questions. 1. I just made this beer last night and I'm not sure if this looks normal or not so I figured I'd post a picture and ask. If it does look like an infection, what should I do? 2. Also, I have some yeast pellets that didn't quite make it down into the carboy (they're on the side...
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    Safale US-05 for this stout?

    Hello all, Just wondering if you think that 2 packets of US-05 would work well with this stout recipe? Thanks 9lbs DME 1lb Black Patent 1lb Roasted Barley 1/2lb Chocolate 1.5oz Falconer's Flight 60m 2oz Williamette for 20m 1oz Warrior dry hop 1lb Brown sugar 1tsp Irish moss
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    First try at a High ABV Stout Extract Recipe...Questions

    Hello All. First, I'd like to see what the board thinks of the recipe I found (does it sound appropriate for a stout?). Second, I read that I may have to pitch yeast at different intervals. For the recipe below, it read 3 packs of wyeast 1388. So, after pitching the initial 3 packs, when...
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    DANBY DKC645BLS "LE" Error Code - Freezing Beer

    I've seen a few threads where people have done a resistor mod but I'm not sure if that would help me out or not. If anyone else out there has had this same problem I'd appreciate it if you'd chime in here. Anyhow, long story short, just bought the kegerator (used) and it worked fine chilling...
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    I committed the worse sin...

    Hello, I made a mistake and racked to the secondary before taking my FG (I know from reading I shouldn't do this but I got too excited and racked to secondary). After doing so, I got a final gravity reading of 1.014. According to the recipe (Honey wheat/extract/got it from this site), the FG...
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    Unsanitized spoon in wort? :(

    I know I need to relax but I would like to get the opinions of the more experienced... Basically, I was rehydrating my yeast by placing my chilled wort into the yeast mixture by the tablespoonful. Anyhow, I reached down and grabbed the wrong tablespoon (one not sanitized). I did it once, but...
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    Wit Beer in Primary for 5 months?

    Hello all, Long story short, I had some health issues arise and then had to leave the country for work for 2 months and I left my wit beer (kit) in the primary fermenter for approximately 5 months. I've read about off flavors and such. That said, should I just toss this and start new or do...
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    Airlock not bubbling after it was within the first 24 hours

    Hi, obviously I'm new and I apologize if this has been covered but I am just wondering if I should be concerned that I had bubbling in the airlock after about 24 hours, it slowed down substantially within 48, and now by the third day there's no bubbling action at all. Should I be concerned...
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    Brand New as of today...Learned another lesson :(

    I was told to filter out the trub so I had my funnel (with small mesh filter) seated in my carboy, then I had another hand held strainer for the larger hops...Well, both got clogged and I lost at least a large funnel full of wort. I had already had 2 gallons of filtered water in the carboy so I...