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    MM2 or MM3 fit BC Base?

    I'm done fighting with my Barley Crusher mill. Does anybody know for certain if the base and/or hopper from the Barley Crusher will fit a Monster Mill MM2 or MM3? When it takes just about as long to crush as it does to mash, it's time for a change.
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    Natural Carbonation in a Keg

    I have a 10 gallon batch of a Pale Ale to keg in the next day or so. Since all of my CO2 lines are busy, I figure to carbonate naturally in the kegs. One will get dosed with corn sugar, the other with DME just to see what the difference might be. I plan to slap spunding valves on both, set...
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    I wish I had never bought...

    Fess up. Fill in the blank. I wish I had never bought the 13.5 gal plastic conical. Never use it anymore. It just takes up space.
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    Help tuning SYL 2362

    I have a new electric single vessel system which has a SYL 2362 PID. I've run auto tune multiple times, and it gives me consistent values for P,d,I, & SouF. These values always overshoot SV by about 3.5 degrees before stabilizing at SV during subsequent hot water trials. Hot water trials (and...
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    Bare Bones Controller Question

    Hey All, I want to convert my keggle to an e-keggle and would like to build the most basic controller possible. I found a PJ Diagram for a 4500 watt - no pump controller that looks like it would be just about perfect for me. I have 2 questions: Wire size is not given in the diagram. Can...
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    Messing with Customer Service

    When I de-activate an XM radio, the customer service person asks "why?". I figure it's really none of his business. What's the most outrageous reason to give the guy to make him feel like shat for asking the question?
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    Recirculated mash - no added heat

    Anybody ever try to recirculate wort during the mash without adding heat? I mash in a cooler and I think i could insulate my silicone tubing with copper water line insulation and minimize heat loss while recirculating. Kind of like a poor man's RIMS.
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    Yeast Nutrient / Starter ?

    I've got some washed yeast that i was planning to brew with next weekend. The yeast was washed and stored in January of this year. I bought some nutrient the other day (urea) and figured I'd add some to the 1 qt. starter. If its viable - great. If not, I've got a backup. How much nutrient...
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    Is This Yeast Too Old?

    In my fridge, I've got a vial of White Labs San Fransisco Lager yeast with an expiration date of Dec. 30, 2008. With a proper starter and maybe some nutrients, do you think the yeast would be viable? Might it produce off flavors given its age?
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    Wyeast 1214 slow to swell

    I smacked my 1214 last night at 9:00 P.M., and now (10 hrs. later) it has not swelled. I plan on brewing a dubbel this morning and wonder if I should go ahead and pitch the yeast, or wait for signs of activation. I've seen in other posts that 1214 can be slow. Yeast was delivered UPS and was...
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    How do you know a starter has started?

    I've got some questionable yeast in a starter on my stir plate. I'm using a mason jar with foil cover (no airlock). What tell tale signs can I look for (short of taking a hydrometer reading) that will tell me that the yeast is viable? Foam? Krausen ring? Smell?
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    Yeast Washing Question

    If I wash and reclaim yeast from a batch that has some "off flavors", will those flavors be transferred onto subsequent batches?
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    5 gal bucket

    OK, so in my neck of the woods, 5 gal food grade buckets are a dime a dozen (well, more like a buck apiece), but anything bigger is impossible to find. So as a new brewer, I'm trying to build an equipment spread on the cheap and I've scored these 5 gal buckets from the bakery,and I'm trying to...
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    Wait another day?

    Anxious noobie needs a bit of hand holding. It's been 72 hrs. since I pitched my yeast (2633 smack pack lager yeast) and SpGr hasn't budged. I'm wondering if I should re-pitch, or wait it out another day. Some of the boring details are as follows: Yeast was stored in the back of the...
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    Recipe Critique

    I plan on throwing a batch of the following together the day after Thanksgiving. Should be more fun than putting up the Christmas tree. I'd be interested in any feedback on the recipe: 6.6 # Muntons Light LME 1# Muntons Plain Amber DME .5# Crystal 60L .25# Crystal 20L 1oz Willamette...
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    Extract Video

    Can anyone provide links to some basic extract "how to" videos? When friends or relatives ask "how do you make beer?" I'd like to be able to refer them to something visual. Thanks
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    No Temp Controls - Options?

    I'm going to brew a lager using Wyeast 2633 which likes to ferment between 48 and 58 deg. I don't have a dedicated beer fridge with temp controls (yet), so getting to that temp range is problematic. My options are 3 fold: 1. Ferment in guest bathroom that today had a temperature at floor...
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    Leaking EZ Cap

    My first batch has been bottled for 5 days now, and today I noticed that one of my liter EZ caps is leaking. Is there any way to save that beer, or does it go down the drain? Thanks
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    Low SG

    Brewed my first batch last weekend. An English Pale Ale kit. Fermented strongly for about 24 hrs., and bubbling dramatically subsided. Racked to secondary after 4 days. Took my first hydrometer reading today and it was 1.008. I'm wondering if my final product is closer to root beer than...