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    BIAB with a Keggle - 3rd batch and still LOW efficiency

    Are you squeezing the bag to get as much wort as you can after your mash before sparging? When I sparge, I place the bag in another empty kettle, pour in the water, then give it a good mix and drain. No need to heat the sparge water, since all we are doing is essentially rinsing the grains. By...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    268 + 5 gallons of Hazy 8's NEIPA =273 gallons Only 9727 gallons left for the Pepsi challenge!
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    Are there any guidelines/literature on how much dry hop with for modifying recipes?

    I have done quite a bit of kits and want to start messing with changing around the dry hops to add my own taste and start developing my own recipes. On my internet searches I find what dry hopping is, when to dry hop(high krausen, post fermentation, in the keg, etc.) but I'm having trouble...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    85.2 + 1.5 gallons Sip of Sunshine Clone = 86.7 gallons Only 9,913.3 gallons left for the Pepsi challenge!
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    BIAB with a Keggle - 3rd batch and still LOW efficiency

    +1 to getting a mill and setting it to a fine crush. It is yet another piece of equipment to buy, but it will make a huge difference with your numbers. Good luck!
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    Methanol In Applejack

    It will make mostly solid chunks of ice when frozen, especially the first time, gets to be a bit more of a slushy after that. The alcohol will be the first to drain leaving the ice behind. The orientation in which it is frozen won't matter. After freezing, set upside down and it will slowly...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    48.45 + 5.05 gallons of Kama Citra = 53.5 gallons
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    I agree with @Spikybits they look like yeast rafts, no need to worry.
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    8738.6+1.4 gallons NEIPA =8740 gallons
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    Methanol In Applejack

    Not sure if you have already planned on how to freeze and concentrate but when I made it I saved a bunch of 22 oz and 2 liter soda bottles. Fill and let freeze over night. After freezing, I took them out of the freezer and set them upside down on top of 1 quart mason jars. Let drain till all...
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    How to clean beer from co2 lines?

    This is what I went with. I disconnected the line from the regulator and pumped BLC through the gas lines with help from a small keg, an additional gas disconnect, and co2. Sure enough, I got some bright yellow residual NEIPA out of there. After soaking with BLC I ran water through the lines...
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    How to clean beer from co2 lines?

    Tonight I noticed I had some beer in my co2 lines. After reading the threads I could not find any info on how to do this... I see lots of comments on how to avoid this (install check valves, don't overfill the keg, etc) but nothing on how best to clean. I was thinking to remove the co2 line from...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    5g Zombie Frost with a few drops of hose water from a leaky immersion chiller 8326+5=8331 gallons
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    Garden hose water leaked from chiller into cooling wort. Suggestions?

    I am in the process of cooling my wort and I noticed my immersion chiller was dripping hose water into the wort. My guess would be somewhere between a half cup and a quart of water got in. The wort was at 155 degrees or so when I caught it. The water is chlorinated. Will this impact my beer? Are...
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    71B pitched Thursday night, limited activity in fermenter, pitch more or wait?

    Hope everyone had a great weekend, I made 5.5 gallons of apple wine last Wednesday and pitched a pack of rehydrated 71B yeast on Thursday evening. Saturday morning there was no noticeable activity so I aerated the must. The batch was a bit too big for my 5 gallon carboy so I put the excess in a...
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    Wine Question (post fermentation)

    I have racked wine into my bottling bucket, cleaned out the carboy, then racked back into it when I didn't have an available secondary. I just tried to minimize splashing. I agree with everyone that you should not skip secondary. I would let it age longer in secondary before bottling, I have...
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    Extract brewer eyeing BIAB

    I have done plenty of BIAB batches in my 8 gallon kettle. As mentioned above you will have to sparge. I find most 5 gallon batches use about 7 gallons of water. In my 8 gallon I would mash with 5 gallons then sparge with the remaining 2 giving me about 6.5 gallons of wort. I would use a spray...
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    Thermoworks Black Friday Sale

    Thermoworks has a bunch of their thermometers and probes on sale for Black Friday, top notch products including the Thermapen. Happy turkey day!
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    I have a Theromoworks Dot with a 12 inch temp probe, it stays in the kettle through mash, boil, and to the point the wort goes in the fermenter. Its quite nice to track the temps throughout the entire brew.
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    6951 + 5 Gallons Fruit Bazooka = 6956 gallons