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    Help with hydrometer reading

    Can anyone tell me what the effect on the beer this will have?
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    Help with hydrometer reading

    So this means its just going to have a higher alcohol content correct?
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    Help with hydrometer reading

    Final gravity is supposed to be 1.10-1.015 The attached photo is what I have. Could someone please tell me what the reading says? I am guessing it reads right at my nail 1.020???
  4. Hydrometerreading


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    Help with my recipe please

    Ok. Changed it around a bit per bargainfittings suggestions. How does this look? I planned to ferment the WLP300 at 70 degrees. 14-B American IPA Size: 5.04 gal Efficiency: 75.0% Attenuation: 75.0% Calories: 218.59 kcal per 12.0 fl oz Original Gravity: 1.065 (1.056 - 1.075) Terminal Gravity...
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    Help with my recipe please

    Your right. it should be a 10A- American Pale Ale. Does this look like it would be a good tasting beer? I am just starting to experiment with my own recipes.
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    Help with my recipe please

    I am planning on making this tomorrow, I can run to the brew store but can use whats here if I don't need to get anything else. Can yall tell me what you think of this IPA recipe I came up with? Thanks! 14-A English IPA Size: 5.04 gal Efficiency: 75.0% Attenuation: 75.0% Calories...
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    Could anyone evaluate this recipe for me? It is supposed to be an English Ale, but is coming out really dark more like a porter. Is this still an a english ale? What makes it cross over the line into a porter? Through a Mild Darkly 11-C Northern English Brown Ale Author: Brewing...
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    Keg Connection - Purchase

    glad to hear everyone had a similar experience!
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    Positive keg equipment shopping experience

    Just got off the phone with Todd over at Home Page and man is that guy cool and helpful. Spent like 45 minutes on the phone with me setting up a custom setup. I already have the corny kegs and regulator so he put together a package exactly for what I wanted and at a great price...
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    Keg Connection - Purchase

    Just got off the phone with Todd at Keg Connection, Man is that guy great. Great prices and he customized my setup for me right over the phone. Spent like 45 minutes with me on the phone. Home Page
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    Another mistake, airlock on fermenter

    Not only is your beer going to turn out ok, but remember. You can even open ferment your beer if you wanted to... Open Fermentation
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    How long is it good for

    I bottled the beer and now in the bottles even there is a fine layer of white powderish film on the top of the beer in each bottle. Has anyone ever seen this before? Yeast should settle out to the bottom right? This is laying on the top layer of the beer.
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    How long is it good for

    I just opened the 2ndary fermentor to bottle the beer and there is a layer of creamy whitish powder or something on top of the layer of beer. It is slippery to the touch. Is smells like alcohol in there though. I recovered it. Is this layer mold? It doesnt smell foul it just looks wierd. I have...
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    How long is it good for

    I didnt take reading. never do....
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    How long is it good for

    I pitched yeast in my wort on 5/30/08. Went to secondary on 6/13/08. Its been in secondary this whole time. Is this beer still ok to bottle or has it sat too long? It is an oatmeal stout. Thanks!
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    Malt Extract

    Why does malt extract need to boil or simmer for so long? Isnt it disolved in the water after only a few minutes? What is the benefit of a 60 or 90 minute simmer?
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    Bottled Beer longevity???

    If I bottle up beer and store it in dark cool place, whats the shelf life on the bottled beer? Will it taste good in 6 months? a Year? 5? Thanks!
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    Hydro Reading

    This is a recipe I got from a local brew store. It did not include a starting gravity or final gravity reading. after 10 days in the primary I racked down to my secondary and took a Gravity ready. Can you tell me if this reading looks right? I dont know what the reading should be when the wort...
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    Cherry Wine.

    I did add potassium Sorbate at the end before bottling and sweetened the wine. It made a big improvement in the taste but unlike commercial wines I have had at vineyards etc, it does not taste particularly like cherry. More like I sweetened some red wine or something :)