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    Lost My Head

    I’m not sure if this is a brewing issue or a kegging issue so posting here. The last batch I made was a disaster of a Belgian Wit I named What Wit Wrong. The brew day was a train wreck, I had too many things going on and wasn’t focused enough. The beer was….not good but when I first kegged...
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    Has anybody used a Brewjacket Immersion Pro with an SS Brewbucket

    Santa brought me a Brewjacket Immersion Pro and an SS Brewbucket for Christmas. I brewed my first batch for them yesterday. The Brewjacket is supposed to heat as well as cool. I pitched at 68 which is the target temp for the recipe. The unit is set to 68 and I can hear it working but when I...
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    Substitute Corn Sugar for Candi?

    So I’ll be brewing Monday and ordered an ingredient kit from NB. According to the recipe there’s supposed to be 1lb of Belgian candi sugar as a boil addition but they shipped a pound of corn sugar instead. I’ve used corn sugar for bottling before but never in the boil. Are they interchangeable?
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    Strike Water Calculation with Rice Hulls

    So I’m making my first attempt at all grain later today. I’ll be doing a Hefeweizen in a Mash and Boil. The machine’s instructions says to use .3 gallons of water per pound of grain as strike water. The recipe I’m using calls for 6 pounds of wheat and 4 of pils but I’m also using rice hulls and...
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    Bottling Issues

    So I’m working on my first batch now. I think Brew day and fermentation went well but I hit some hiccups bottling. The suto siphon that came with my kit didn’t work at all and I had to siphon manually. My worry is that my hand came in contact with the beer when starting the siphon. My hands...