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    Too much bicarbonate in water

    Thanks. I did put a capful of lactic acid in both the mash and sparge water, something that I have been doing and getting better hop expression. If I use half spring water and half R.O. water, the bicarb gets closer to Beer Smith's recommended level.
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    Too much bicarbonate in water

    I moved to a new place and had no idea what was in the water. I knew it was from springs and a well and tasted good. I brewed a hoppy IPA and added a small amount of Gypsum as a guess. After brewing, I got some info from the State as to what is in the water. It's pretty soft.... CaSO4-12 Ca- 45...
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    Blending beer while dispensing via jumper'ed kegs of varying beer styles

    Twice, I have blended beers to try to save a bad batch. The latest effort was a Red IPA with kaffir leaf. The IPA was too bitter and the kaffir overpowering. I mixed it with some Czech lager that had a whiff of phenol. I had about 3 gal of lager to 2 of the IPA. Blended in a glass it was better...
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    Blending Beers

    I took a brief seminar from Randy Scorby, a grandmaster judge, and past national homebrew champ. Among other things he talked about blending beers. I've tried it a few times now, mostly playing with kegs of beers that I thought were failures (not contaminated though). Recently I did a red IPA...
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    IPA - Centennial & Amarillo - what else?

    I've been dry hopping in the keg with Idaho 7, with Cent, Amarillo types during the brew. Be prepared for a bit of a shocking, intense taste when you first run some from the keg. It settles down to delicious. I recall having to wait a couple of weeks for the flavor to integrate.
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    Recipe Identification -- What would you call this?

    More hops would probably put it into American Pale Ale
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    Star san and chlorinated water

    Thanks for the replies. I just brewed a similar batch with water that sat overnight in the HLT and MT and added a campden tablet. Hoping for better results. For the previous batch, the ale (nottingham yeast- an old standby) is totally murky. Its not contaminated. Still a complete mystery. The...
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    Star san and chlorinated water

    I've been brewing for 8 years and used star san most of the time. I've had no problems. When I mixed it with tap water is was clear with bit of foam, and would foam when shaken. Their website says it is still good after it gets cloudy from usage. Before the last two brews, I noticed that the...
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    World's cheapest counter pressure bottle filler

    I think that the quick and dirty method is to fill an inch or two of beer and let the pressure off. The foaming should drive almost all oxygen out. Then finish filling.
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    World's cheapest counter pressure bottle filler

    I just tried this. His tap faucets are a better shape than mine. They give a better seal. I was successful but had some beer spraying. A little tinkering will do it. I have literally not entered brewing contests because I dread the time, the waste and the cleanup using my counter pressure...
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    World's cheapest counter pressure bottle filler

    I,m going to try that. I do something similar with a longer hose and a bottling wand. Yours seems simpler. I squirt a bunch of star san up the tap before starting. Mold loves to grow up in there. I have a Fermentis counter pressure bottle filler and the setup, and cleanup is a pain in the butt...
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    ESB fermented with something other than the Fuller's strain?

    The yeast suppliers all post a chart with flavor profile, esters, optimum temp, etc on their website. It's pretty handy.
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    Keg foaming up at the last 1/4?

    Vent the keg of CO2 overnight and check it. When it's perfect add the gas back in. 12.75 sounds a bit high.
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    Dry yeast does not require rehydration and also does not require aeration

    I do the same as you do- one pack of dry ale yeast/5.5 gal or two packs (hydrated) into 5.5 gal of lager. Then oxygenate for a couple of minutes with a tank and stone. Great ferment everythime. I'm amazed that you got a lager to work with one pack of dry yeast. That is way underpitched...
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    Mecca Grade Estate Malts

    Our club in Bend Or. had a brew day at Mecca Grade and a personalized tour. For a family farm/malting facility, it blew our minds. Their malts are the best and very unique. Most of it gets bought up by Bend breweries. Since you are in Oregon, you can probably find it. The Brew Shop in Bend...
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    Idaho 7

    I used it to keg-dry-hop my House IPA that I can't keep in stock. At first taste, it had a wicked, sharp, acrid flavor. When I let it age a bit and run a couple of beers it got good. After a month in the keg, it was outstanding. I have a pound so will use it. I used it in a beer with Citra...
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    Viking malts

    I've become a fan of their pilsner malt and just used it again in a Czech lager. Just starting to ferment.
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    Viking malts

    I've been using them for both ales and lagers this winter with very good results. I just got a medal for an international lager(Danish since the grain is danish) and the color is spot on. It seems slightly different, but not much. The kernels are fat so they mill a bit differently. I'm going...
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    Sonnet golding hops for czech lager?

    I just brewed a split batch of lager/ale using Sonnet Golding (4.2%) hops. I bought a pound at a great price. It is supposed to be Saaz heritage. It smells great and is a bit more floral than the "noble" hops. I did four hop additions totaling 11.5 ounces. I may dry hop if it seems needed. I...
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    Equipment Upgrade Recommendations

    I've had great luck buying gear from people quitting the homebrew hobby/lifestyle. I got a homebuilt but nice HERMS brew sculpture, setup, with 10 corny's a keezer, spare parts, CO2 setups, fermenters and on an on for $1000. It was probably 5 grand worth retail. Before the HERMS upgrade, I...