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  1. J

    Noob with lager/fridge question

    Fridge works great, but you still need the external thermostat (Johnson Controls is the best/most common). You may need to talk shelves out or make a modified shelf to fit your fermentors in there. Just remember that when your fridge gets to the temperature that you set the external thermostat...
  2. J

    Hot water in carboy?

    I don't have experience with the plastic carboys, but I would think if it still holds water and you wash it out good it should be fine.
  3. J

    First batch with ancient "Mr-Beer" style homebrew kit

    Fifteen minutes isn't really long enough to boil hops for bittering. In some recipes you want to make additional hop additions inside of 15 minutes remaining in the boil for flavor, but you almost always want some hops to be boiled in you wort at least 60 minutes to balance out the sweetness of...
  4. J

    First batch with ancient "Mr-Beer" style homebrew kit

    I'm surprised you got any fermentation at all pitching the yeast while the beer was hot. Seeing as how you know most of what you did wrong I'm sure the next batch will be much better.
  5. J

    Writing a beer book who to interview

    I would add Great Lakes and Victory Brewing to that list. Maybe Southern Tier, but those are just ones I can think of. I'm sure There are smaller breweries all over the place brewing unique beer.
  6. J

    Seeking bikers that brew, 1%'s welcome

    I ride and brew also. I don't hit the rally scene much, but if there were other brewers there that liked to ride things would change. This thread was cool. I didn't realize so many homebrewers had bikes.
  7. J

    Just pitched my first AG Batch...

    I know the issue has been resolved, but I still have to chime in. You said you saw Krausen and you were still worried. That is as sure of a sign the fermentation is occuring as a hydrometer reading. Only difference is when you see krausen you don't know how much fermentation has occured...
  8. J

    JW Dundees Craft Pack

    I picked one up a few months ago, and I thought for the price you can't beat it. Nothing in there is the best example of that particular style, but they all are great beers and good examples of the style in my opinion. Sucks you bought it for the bottles and they are twist though.
  9. J

    When did you make the switch to AG?

    Couldn't one say this about brewing in general? I mean its a hell of alot easier to just buy the beer. Right? Seriously though, we should all brew the way we want to and feel comfortable. Although AG is nowhere near as hard as it sounds.
  10. J

    28 Pound Hop Addition!!!!

    Does anyone know how many barrels are in that "batch" with the 28 lbs of hops at the beginning?
  11. J

    Crystal Malt

    I use crystal 40 in about 2/3 of my recipes. It is undoubtedly my most used specialty malt.
  12. J

    4-Grain Blonde Ale

    That is similar to my idea for my next brew. I'm going to call it the 333 special because it will be 1/3 barley 1/3 wheat and 1/3 rye. I haven't formulated the exact recipe yet, but I'm thinking of adding some medium crystal in with the barley to make it an amber color. when the brews are...
  13. J

    Convert my Porter to AG?

    I'd say 10 lb 2 row to replace the extract sounds good. Then everything you steep just mash with the 2 row. I'd mash somewhere in the 150f range for 60 min. Good luck with the brew.
  14. J

    A Lager Question....

    I wish some others would chime in. I'm a glass carboy secondary guy myself, but I guess others have had luck with the better bottles which look like the bottles on water coolers but are made of a better plastic. These are probably ok for your shorter secondaries when the only purpose is to let...
  15. J

    Belgian Dubbel - Is this normal behavior?

    everything sounds perfect to me.
  16. J

    A Lager Question....

    First off, you really need to get it off of the yeast and second you secondary should be glass and not plasic especially for long term lagering. As I see it you have 2 viable options. You could bottle using priming sugar like normal, let the beer carbonate for about 3 weeks, then move the...
  17. J

    Baking yeast

    I would not normally endorse the use of baker's yeast, but I have to say if you liked the end result why not. though I think I would try the same recipe with the proper yeast just to compare.
  18. J

    priming question

    I think your plan is the right plan. I'd probaly let it sit a couple off weeks because that should be long enough for the yeast to take care of most of the priming sugar. This way you won't have bottle bombs from too much priming sugar.
  19. J

    Sam Adams Brewmaster's Collection "Variety Pack"

    I think Sam's Honey Porter is absolutely delicious. I usually run from the sweeter tasting beers, but for some reason this one tastes good. The one Sam Adams beer that I consider to be almost undrinkable is the Brown Ale. I bought a brewmaster collection case once with I think it was...
  20. J

    wort chiller?

    I use the method of bottles with frozen water to chill wort along with an ice bath. Is it more sanitary? Absoultely not. Wort chiller is actually next on my purchase list, but I have never had a batch that was chilled this way get infected. I sanitize them b4 freezing, and place them in the...