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    Like a few other posts on here I am also wondering what all I will need to make a start into Meat Smoking. I don't like the thought of building a UDS or something because i'll never complete it. I do however see some basic "units" at Home Depot. Are any of these worth actually purchasing...
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    Rheostat or Potentiometer for Stirplate?

    Hello EE's I have a question. I am planning on building a stir-plate and I am seeing designs with a rheostat and others with circuits that were built with a couple components. Are there any differences/advantages/disadvantages in these designs? Thanks
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    Tapatalk on not HBT?

    I was wondering if theres any plans to put Tapatalk on HBT here in the future. (Yes I read the other thread and saw that it was locked). I see that it is on your new website and I wondered if the security issues have been resolved yet... Its a really neat app and I've been...
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    Beer in Niagara Falls, NY?

    I am taking a trip to Niagara Falls, NY (not the Canada side. I didn't bother with getting my Passport). Being a beer geek I am curious as to if there's any good beer/breweries that I *must* check out while visiting? All I can seem to find are breweries on the Canada side (which is depressing!)
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    1 gallon ag batch questions

    Can I use a 5 gallon drink cooler for 1 gal at batches?
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    First Brew! Questions..

    Well, I took the plunge and I brewed my first batch of beer on Saturday night! It was an Extract Brewers best German Oktoberfest kit. Everything seemed to go well aside from the floating thermometer and iffy temperature control. I boiled 2.5 gallons like it said, steeped the grains at...
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    Water Subforum Suggestion

    I am new to the Homebrewtalk community but I have been trying to look through the brew science forum but it seems to be overwhelmed with the same content: Water postings/questions. I am curious who here thinks it would better organize the water data if we could get a subforum for some of the...
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    Water Subforum Suggestion

    Mod: Please delete this thread. Thank you.
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    Brew pot - Was it a little too cheap?

    I am weary of a brewpot that I picked up at the store last night. It is a 20qt stainless steel pot and they were only $7. Does this mean that it is just VERY thin stainless or am I being shafted for $7? It states that it is stainless and it also says made in India. Im guessing it will *work*...
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    Brewing 1 Gallon Batches

    I would like to start out brewing (approximately)1 Gallon batches. Somebody at the homebrew club meeting today was explaining how much simpler it would be and how much better it would work in my case. I'm just trying to stir up some discussion about the 1 gallon method. The brewpot might...
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    Turkey Fryer Question(s)

    I just found a Turkey Fryer on Craigslist that has a 24qt alumn. pot and a cheapish looking burner. I am just about to get into extract brewing and I wonder if I should purchase this. It is $40 and brand new. Here are links to both photos listed...
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    Where to get CO2?

    I am looking ahead slightly but I am trying to find a place here in Zanesville, Ohio to refill a CO2 tank. I've called MC Sports and I believe another sports store and they only refill the tiny Paintball-style cartridges. Suggestions on where to call? I saw that some Walmart's refill but ours...
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    Small Batch Questions

    I have been looking at brewing beer lately but I think I want to start with Cider. Is there an easy guide (with recipe) for a small batch of cider? I guess I want to make sure I will even like this stuff before I purchase too much gear. Thanks
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    Fermentation Temp Worries

    I haven't yet ordered my equipment but I am trying to think ahead by measuring different rooms to see what room may be the coolest to ferment in. I have a couple side rooms in my basement (one being a dirt floor) which seems much cooler but I am unable to get a good reading on my weather...
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    Wife's reaction to new brewing hobby?

    I have been happily married for 3 (going on 4) years now. I am 25 years old and I like to "make" things. I think part of this comes from me having an IT job and all of my work isn't on a tangible object, rather it's something virtual. I'm a Ham Operator and I love working with electronics to...
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    Questions before buying equipment

    Obviously I haven't ever brewed before but I have been researching quite a lot lately about it. I want to start off brewing the usual 5 gallon batches with the Extract method. I am looking at this specific kit: Better Basic Starter Kit - Starter Kits This kit looks like it has about...
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    Cheap-ish Brew Kettle?

    I am limited on funds especially after a starter kit + the first set of extract ingredients. Are there any certain kinds of containers I can get/use? I am thinking of going to a place such as Odd Lots or somewhere that may have a cheaper brew kettle. I'm pretty sure that I am also looking for...
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    Total Newbie Questions

    I have been reading "How to Brew" by John Palmer. I have also been watching videos from Midwest,, and even youtube. I have studied the (simple-looking) process of extract brewing and it seems fairly easy and might be a great starting point. I doubt I want to skip to grain...