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    Possible infection in cider? Thoughts???

    I don’t know. Looks like it is getting worse. I opened it up to see because I planned to rack it into a clean carboy. Worth it? I haven’t tasted it yet.
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    Possible infection in cider? Thoughts???

    Darn. Well, I guess I'm due up for a failure. I have done 4 batches of cider over the last 4 years. This is the only one I rushed, and now see it is infected. Sad day. I'm interested to see what people think about letting it ride or should it just get dumped?
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    Possible infection in cider? Thoughts???

    Is that bad? The tentacle things worry me. If not an infection how do I get rid of this?
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    Possible infection in cider? Thoughts???

    I have never seen this before and that makes me think something went wrong. What do you think?
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    Doppelbock butterscotch flavor

    I just tapped the doppelbock that I brewed from extract back in February last night. I immediately noticed a light to medium butterscotch flavor when I tasted it. Strangely it doesn't taste bad, but I assume it isn't supposed to be there. It was fermented at 55 degF for 3 weeks, diacetyl rest...
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    Brewers best Weizenbier

    The BB weizenbier was my first brew. It was easy, cheap, and fantastic flavors. It is probably my favorite Brewers Best Kit.