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    Which to use, LorAnn oil or brewers best flavoring?

    What was your dosage rates on both the choc and pb?
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    Lager still has diacetyl.

    Have you considered contamination? Do your ales ever have off-flavors?
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    Aging of Barleywine

    What temp do you cellar at?
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    Treehouse Brewing Good Morning Clone

    A clone of this is #1 on my list of priorities. Everything I've read says that it's reallllly hard to get a proper maple aroma and flavor with just syrup, and that if you use syrup, get the roughest, most unprocessed grade you can and add it to secondary. A few folks recommended using...
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    10-gallon corny kegs for under $100

    Just snagged one of these and there's a hairline crack along the liquid male post where it connects to the keg. Is that where your leak came from? I know nothing about welds - if I get it repaired will it be sanitary?
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    Sacramento CO2 tank refills/exchanges

    You found the correct answer. There's nothing better and the Brewmeister folks use River City, too. FYI Bmeister is one of the only brew shops around that offer a 10% discount for being an AHA member. The discount pays for the membership fairly quickly.
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    Post your infection

    Thanks for the suggestions. Yea, I've been thinking of cutting a notch in my to chill covered. I tossed my entire yeast bank and pitched 2 dry yeasts into 2 carboys for the blonde Ale. Still diacetyl bomb. I bought a new stainless fermentor to see if that's the problem. I will boil my valve...
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    Post your infection

    Immersion chiller added with a few minutes left in the boil. Takes ~10 mins to get temp to ~80 before I throw it in my ferm chamber to get to pitch temps.
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    Post your infection

    Hey guys, I've finally gotten to the point where I'm ready to pull my hair out. I've had major diacetyl issues for the last 4 beers or so, which I've attributes to an infection, since I have proper yeast management, pitch rates, and I perform d-rests. The diacetyl has been present in an IPA...
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    Ferm chamber score

    Jesus, that thing must have weighed a ton. Did you transport it upright? I'm looking at a smaller true fridge.
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    Pitch It, Don't Toss It! Using Yeast That's Past It's Prime

    @Fionnbharr These articles tend to have lots of spelling and grammatical errors.
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    Russian Imperial Stout Aging

    Very cool! Mine is still in primary happily bubbling away.
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    Adjusting for Alpha Acid % Loss Over Time

    Great! I adjusted the 15% for yesterday' brew and I think it changed the IBUs by ~5-6, which is within the apparent tolerance range where we can't detect differences. I've brewed this recipe before, so well see of it comes out hoppier than usual.
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    Adjusting for Alpha Acid % Loss Over Time

    Aha! I was interpreting it wrong. Thanks for the course-correction.
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    Adjusting for Alpha Acid % Loss Over Time

    This is exactly the insight I was looking for. Thank you. I just had sort of a lightbulb moment when looking at the ~9 lbs of hops in ny freezer. I've never bought in bulk before. Now to develop my own anecdotal evidence!
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    Adjusting for Alpha Acid % Loss Over Time

    It's not really a matter of going through the hops quickly, as these are 2013 import hops. We don't have 2014 available to us yet.
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    Fast Head dissipation in my stout

    Have you used flaked oats? If so, what caused you to prefer flaked barley?
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    Adjusting for Alpha Acid % Loss Over Time

    Do you guys account for alpha acid loss for old hops when building recipes and calculating IBUs? I am planning a recipe with some 2013 UK Challenger and EKG that are still sealed in mylar, which I purchased last month. They have been in my freezer. Research has yielded me...