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    Tons of floaties from yeast - what to do?

    It tasted totally fine the last time I opened one (maybe 2 years ago), which also had the floaty issue, so I don’t think it’s an infection. Just kind of a weird thing to happen. I’ve got no problem with yeast in my beers, it’s just odd to see what looks like a dirty aquarium when looking at a...
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    Tons of floaties from yeast - what to do?

    I have a couple bottles of Westvleteren 12 that I’ve been saving for a special occasion, and I’ve noticed that the yeast cake is very loose, to the point that it stirs up a ton of floaties when I open the bottle, just from the carbonation If this were a normal beer or home brew, I’d probably...
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    Christmas Beer -- too soon?

    Go for it. Time is your friend for a beer like that.
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    Fastferment 14 gallon conical fermenter on Amazon for $89.99

    Yes, you are right. My question was poorly thought out.
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    Fastferment 14 gallon conical fermenter on Amazon for $89.99

    Can the 14gal fit into most chest freezers? Not sure how tall it sits on the stand.
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    sweet potato conversion breakthrough (sous vide)

    Sounds excellent, thanks!
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    sweet potato conversion breakthrough (sous vide)

    Sorry for focusing on the food side instead of brewing, but I’m interested in learning more. Did you bake the potatoes with foil on them, or unwrapped?
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    Split batch and 1 stopped

    Personally, I’d leave it a week or two. I try to avoid checking gravity earlier than that because the readings never change my course of action, which is to wait a bit longer for the beer to either drop a few more points or clean itself up.
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    Split batch and 1 stopped

    You’re only 4 days in. I’d leave it be for a while longer. Just because you don’t see activity doesn’t mean it’s not fermenting.
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    Split batch and 1 stopped

    How’d you handle the yeast for each batch? Two different packs, one pack, starter/no starter, etc.
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    Homebrew Talk: The mobile browser version of this forum is unusable

    I have also had occasional issues with the mobile browser (after being recommended by an admin to ditch the app) throwing up huge ads that cannot be closed. I end up having to close the tab and reopen the webpage. Probably happens every couple days. I’m using Safari on an iPhone 7
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    How do you deal with undershot gravities?

    Sounds like a good way to sour a beer since we’re talking about OG, unless you’re saying you would redo the mash.
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    Can you pitch too much yeast?

    It is possible to pitch too much yeast, but in your case, I think you’re totally fine.
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    Recipe Credit?

    I agree with this sentiment.
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    Brewing Journal

    Good info on the tasting notes! I never included them because I had the same mentality. I’ll add that section to my log as well.
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    Brewing Journal

    No problem, glad it could be of help. As for brewing software, I am not an expert in all the options out there, but BeerSmith is an app that has served me well over the years. It's compatible with both PC and mobile, which is nice. If you want a free option, check out BrewFather. I've been...
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    Brewing Journal

    Looks good. Are you using brewing software? I like to add a small section about my equipment assumptions so I can refer back to the recipe in the future and know what my assumed boil-off rate and other losses should be. I also have a section for the water additions I performed. Here's the cover...
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    Ideal "Set It and Forget It" Recipe

    Thanks for responding with a recipe idea!
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    Thanks for the input. Did you use the listed amount of lime and limeade for your batch? I’ve seen comments about the lime being overpowering and am contemplating a smaller amount of limeade.